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Due to my own personal experience of chronic pain and years of working with those with lifelong health conditions, I know that I can support those even with the more severe mobility and health conditions; supporting people to regain a more active and pain-free lifestyle..

  • Lauren, who suffers with Class 3 Ehlers-Danlos, went from dislocating multiple times a day and having practically immobile hips to surfing in Mexico and wearing high heels again
  • Cheryl lost her life for over 15 years to fibromyalgia and cluster-tic; spending most of her days in bed, riddled with pain. She's now fighting back - boxing, circuit training and spending time with her family out of the house. 
  • Linda fell on a tent peg, injuring her coccyx and spent many months unable to walk or sleep properly. Today she is now back at work full time and practically pain free. 
  • Angela couldn't walk 100 metres without hip and knee pain caused by her fibromyalgia. Today she is doing shuttle runs in the gym and only suffers from very slight fatigue. 
  • Ellie suffered with fibromyalgia and ehlers-danlos so badly that it caused her to nearly drop out of University. After working together, she is able to get through each and every single day and is on her way to earning her degree.

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Although my routines will never completely remove all pain associated with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, they will ensure that you have many more good days over bad days and that your pain is reduced. Everybody is an individual case, some people benefit much more than others when it comes to these programmes however, everyone can expect to see some degree of result. 

If you have Hypermobility, we work towards reducing your dislocations.  (like Lauren above) and if you have fibromyalgia, we will work towards reducing pain and fatigue levels. 

Through working closely together, we will identify the root cause of specific pain, address your individual imbalances and return your body to correct alignment.

Within a week we will have developed a management programme that will  help to build strength, reduce fatigue, identify triggers in foods and your daily life, but more importantly, reduce pain. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am hyper-mobile - can I still work with you?

Yes, absolutely! I've worked with many hyper-mobile people over the years with excellent results. Obviously, every routine Is built around you.

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What will the work involve? Will it be high intensity?

The work that I do is very low intensity designed to help build your strength, stamina and improve your posture.

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What do your online consultations involve?

Postural work drastically improves symptoms and can be carried out over media such as Skype. We will be in regular contact to help.

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