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Volunteer wanted

Volunteer post

So…..this is probably going to be the last volunteer post you will see from me. I’m planning on expansion next year, so if there are more volunteer posts it won’t be myself running them.

I’ve read through uncountable “woe is me” Fibro articles on the net and in the press recently, all of which get tremendous engagement. However, should you post a recovery story, its apparent that they must not of had Fibro or some other excuse comes from people.

Once you remove the huge percentage of people with Fibro who are actually undiagnosed Ehlers-danlos sufferers, you are left with a group of people who can make full recoveries. If that upsets you reading this and doesn’t fire something up inside of you to take your life back, then unfortunately, you are part of the problem. Just look at the current Lady Ga Ga drama; blatantly EDS, just watch her music videos.

So as someone who doesn’t like to not be busy, I’m embarking on a new project.

I want someone with Fibromyalgia to help me. I want to film a mini documentary of someone’s recovery. So to preempt the “well they mustn’t have been that bad” or “they didn’t have Fibro then” comments…. I would like someone with severe symptoms.

If you have:

-A fibromyalgia only diagnosis
-Require a wheelchair or sticks to move about
-Claim to have tried everything else
-Are in constant pain
-Can attend the studio (Newcastle) twice per week, for 10 weeks
-Are fully committed to the twice weekly sessions and home regime
-Are willing to come in for an interview
-Are willing to be filmed throughout the 10 weeks and keep a home video diary

Then send an email to


This years success story’s have been pumped out fast and furious. This is because I have been incredibly strict in who I have worked 1:1 this year. So, if you send that email please understand a few things:

-You will hurt through parts of the programme.
-If you do not follow homework, are late or fail to do the foundation work, you are out the door.
-You will have to let go of a lot of beliefs about what you think Fibro actually is.

The last client in a wheel chair was Lisa, who took around 5 weeks to go from a wheel chair to running (see here –

With press articles and indeed what I post on the page, you guys only see the beginning and the end product. You miss so much of the hard work, dedication and stress that goes on in the background. Once this documentary is finished it will be available to watch for free on the YouTube channel. Like I said earlier, so much negativity surrounds chronic pain. I want something to inspire people, something that shows people it’s possible.

People make full recoveries everyday, not just my guys, but all around the world. But, if you are blind to it, you will never see it is possible.

So for everyone who has said they have tried everything, that they would do “anything” to live a different life………the volunteer programme is open.

Adam x

A wheel chair, a tyre and a week

Oh, this week had been one of my favourites this year and reaffirms just how much I love my job. This is the week I finally got to work with an old workshop client for a week straight. The results from a little encouragement, a little guidance and a whole lot of effort on her part, has yielded incredible results! Read more

The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 2 – Everything changes, including you!

If everything changes, why would you be any different? The truth is you’re not! And when it comes to being hypermobile, it’s kind of important to realise what changes actually matter. Let’s start this part with a fact! Did you know a banana is around 74% water?

When you first came into the world all those years ago, you came in 1% wetter than a banana. So at around 75% water, you were pretty wet. However, in just 0ne year, you dropped down to about 65% water. By the time you entered adulthood you are around 60% if you are male or 55% if you are female. And by the time you become “officially” elderly, water will make up around half of your body. If one thing is certain in life, it’s that you are slowly drying, see what I did there :-). But, why does this matter? Because if you’re hypermobile, it’s going to affect you.

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The “New” guide to Hypermobility – Part 1- Cut the bull sh#t!

Over many years I have been lucky enough to work with many amazing people, from those with Fibromyalgia to those with various neurological problems. But, out of all the people that walk through my door with a fibromyalgia only diagnosis, I would say around 50%-60%  actually turn out to be on the Hypermobility spectrum or have Ehler-danlos syndrome. Now for those folks with hyper lax tissue, life can become very difficult, very fast. With the change in collagen that the gene mutation in those with hypermobilty causes, and the fact that collagen is a hugely abundant and incredibly important tissue in the body, it brings about a lot of systemic problems. I’ve seen a lot of hypermobile folk in my career and I’ve seen some pretty amazing results that hard work, determination and a little consistency can bring about. Some of them even made the press like KrissLauren and Lisa.

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Don’t hate pain, ask why!

Pain is an important part of being as human it protects us from damage. It’s important to remember that things like degeneration, posture, leg length differences are very poorly linked to pain.
A study by Finan et al (2013) found that of 113 people with severe arthritis reported having low pain and those with mild arthritis reported having high pain.
I’ll tell you about my hatred of suits!
Every time I put on a suit my back hurts! I don’t suddenly become misaligned, nor does my posture become bad (in fact, I stand up straighter in a suit). I do, however, associate them with a certain restrictive feeling and a general sense of uncomfortableness.
Pain is not solely linked to damage. There are many other factors involved. If you wish to get out of chronic pain then we need to start doing more than we already are and thinking differently. How uncomfortable and painful does it feel when you sit in the waiting room of your doctors? Is it because they buy only the most uncomfortable chairs? Or maybe is it because we associate the doctors waiting room with sad news, sickness or just general panic?
We need to start thinking of pain in a different way!

You can keep your fibro butterfly, because fibro chicken lets people move forward!

I’m going to tell you a story. It’s going to open up how you perceive the world, it is going to make you question everything and maybe, just maybe, let you find your road to recovery…. Alternately, I’m about to really piss you off but I’m willing to take that risk! Read more

My favourite success story… So far this year!

Last year I met Gayleen and despite all the pain she was in, I promised her within 6 weeks she would be flipping tyres across the studio floor, back pain free….

I like to set everyone new little milestones for their journey with me, yet there has always been one that has been set in stone for years…Tyre flipping! To this day I still love the reaction I get during a consultation, when I tell someone they will be flipping a huge tyre in 6 weeks. Some people don’t say anything, some think you’re mad, others see it as a challenge. Nonetheless, its brilliant to see someone once crippled with pain, do something they never thought they would do.

I met Gayleen last October and I thought rather than tell you about our journey, I’d ask Gayleen do it herself:

“I’m a 46 year old woman. Before I styretarted working with Adam I had suffered from severe lower back pain for about 15 years. I was living on prescription painkillers. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 36. My body would ache from head to foot, particularly my hips, knees and elbows. I struggled to walk far, limped most of the time and was in constant pain. The other thing you should know about me is that I’m a massive Disney fan, especially Mickey Mouse. For years I had been pestering my husband about going to Florida on holiday, but as he rightly pointed out, I couldn’t walk very far so it wouldn’t really work, and with my back I couldn’t go on any of the rides. I’m also overweight and was secretly worried that I may not have fitted in the ride seats. So in October 2016 I started working with Adam. I was very sceptical at first, especially about the tyre flipping within 6 weeks. However within a few weeks, true to his word, he had me flipping tyres. I was so proud, I’ve showed everyone I know the video of me flipping that tyre! As well as not being in pain, I’ve also lost weight and body inches since st16839760_10155709269323238_2057283528_narting to work out. I had made such impressive and rapid progress with Adam that in December 2016 my husband agreed to book Florida. I’ve just got back from a week in Florida and I had the time of my life. Not only did I walk for 53 miles during the week, but I kept up with my 2 teenagers, I fitted on every ride, I wasn’t in pain and of course I met Mickey Mouse. Not only did I feel fantastic, I also felt like a normal person, and it’s been a long time since I could keep up with a normal person. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be out of pain. It may sound dramatic, but working with Adam has completely changed my life.”

Gayleen has been a brilliant client to work with and, as promised, has achieved what she set out to do.  It’s like the old saying goes ” If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done”




If you’re currently just going through the motions and nothing is changing, stop! It’s obviously not working. Try new things; no one should have to live in pain.

As always, gentle hugs


3 week Chronic fatigue turn around!

Its only been a few weeks into 2017 and I feel I am definitely on the path to beating last years record of people returning back to work!  Rachael has spent in total 6 hours at the studio, over around 3 weeks and has gotten rid of all pain, fatigue and POTS! This is after being diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and suffering for 4 years.  Read more

Volunteer wanted

Volunteer post So…..this is probably going to be the last volunteer post you will see from me. I’m planning on …

A wheel chair, a tyre and a week

Oh, this week had been one of my favourites this year and reaffirms just how much I love my job. This is the week I finally …

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