Client Success Story’s

Take at look at some of my clients fantastic progress

I have had the privilege of working with some amazing people over the years, those who have worked hard with myself to create a better standard of living for themselves. Many clients, for various reason, like to stay anonymous after their programmes which is fine and perfectly understandable. However, others do not mind and hope their stories can be of inspiration to others.

You can read about some of my client’s journeys below.












Kriss – Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type, with vascular crossover).

I first met Kriss in March 2017, her mobility was incredibly poor and she was still struggling after her lungs had collapsed the year before. Kriss relied on a smart crutch to get around and was in a very bad place. What Kriss achieved I could never put into words, so please watch the news piece that ITV News did on her to really do her justice— Watch here 









Lisa – Fibromyalgia

After a freak accident in 2014, involving a blow to the head from a falling can of hair spray. Lisa slowly began to suffer from chronic pain, loss of movement in her neck and rapidly lost her mobility, eventually ending up in a wheel chair.

Lisa’s progress over 5 weeks of her programme gained media attention and is truly inspirational!


You can watch Lisa’s video journey here.

You can read Lisa’s Newspaper article here.













Lauren – Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type).

In August 2015 she was dislocating/Subluxing up to 17 times a day, suffering from horrific fatigue and was in a huge amount of pain. Today she has been on three surfing holidays this year, Olympic weight lifts and keeps her joints firmly in place. The Daily Mail newspaper ran an article on her which you can find by clicking here












Lauren (Laurie) –  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type).

This is one of my personal favourites! I finally got to work with an old workshop client for a whole week straight. The results from a little encouragement, a little guidance and a whole lot of effort on her part, has yielded incredible results!

Read Lauries story by clicking here.











Lizzie –  Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type).

When we first met Lizzie was on a walking stick and was relying on a wheel chair for longer ventures outside. In around 7 weeks we managed to stabilise her Lax joints enough for her to be able to run.

You can see video progress of Lizzie’s journey here










Kate –  Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type).

Kate came through the door unable to walk without limping, she was fatigued and she was in pain. After a few weeks of pain education and carefully planned movement, Kate started to move without pain, she started walking her daughter to school and she stayed with me for over a year.  Kate went from dislocations and pain, afraid to move, to powerlifting and opening her own shop. Kate’s progress can be found here












Derek –  Fibromyalgia 

Derek is 65 and hasn’t had a few good years after being diagnosed with CFS/fibro last year. Brian came limping into the studio a few weeks ago, complaining of pain and fatigue. He has been on morphine for over 20 years and is on the highest dosage of Gabbapentin I’ve ever seen. Over the last few weeks we have worked tirelessly to the point that he now only has slight rib pain. Brian is now sleeping well, he has managed to return to some social activities like bowls and he is now moving well. Remember though, Derek smashing a tyre with a sledge hammer is the end product, not the process. We have had many a drama along the way!

You can see Derek’s progress here










Angela –  Fibromyalgia.

Angela struggled with her job as an NHS nurse as she couldn’t walk more than a few hundred meters at a time due to crippling hip and back pain. She was constantly at the Chiropractors and calling into work sick. It has now been months since she has seen a chiropractor and we managed together to eliminate ALL of her pain in only 2 months.













Linda-  Chronic pain.

Whilst camping Linda fell on a tent peg and injured her Coccyx leaving her unable to do carry out her nursing home job. A few months on Linda returned back to work  full time and now continues with her own independent exercises at home.











Maria –  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility type).

When I first met Maria she quickly became one of the most hypermobile people I had worked with, she had very limited shoulder function and was in a lot of mechanical and neuropathic pain. She was also only just recovering from Hashimoto’s disease, she was also fully dislocating throughout the day and suffering from neck, back, hip, hand and knee pain. Today Maria is flipping tyres in the studio and on her way back to her gardening hobby.



image1 (2)








Lauren – Fibromyalgia and hypermobility.

Lauren had spent a large majority of 2014/15 in a wheelchair, she was on 45 tablets a day including Gabbapentin and antidepressants and spent half of her days sleeping. Her work suffered and she actually had her appendix removed because doctors thought her fibro pain was actually her appendix. Today Lauren has NO pain what so ever and is on no drugs. Lauren is one of my fastest success stories finishing her programme and reporting no pain in under 4 weeks.












Rachael – ME/CFS

A big shout out to my client Rachael! Today is a day we have been waiting a few months for and for which she has made me incredibly proud. Today is the day she has been discharged from the Cresta clinic by her doctor, as she now no longer has any symptoms of POTS. One more appointment left for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that’s everything!

I currently have a young lady at the moment who is almost in exactly the same situation as Rachael started off in, so I’m very hopeful for the next few weeks 😄
Rachael also very kindly gave me a very nice gift today which I’m definitely going to enjoy tonight.  You can read more about Rachael here













Janine –  Fibromyalgia.

Janine is by far my best referral coming all the way from Cuba. Her parents were on holiday and met current clients of mines parents. When they mentioned Janine had just moved to Newcastle and had been on the sick for 12yrs due to her Fibromyalgia they gave her parents my details.

In the few months that Janine and I worked together, reducing her fatigue and pain until eventually, she was strong enough to move back to Leeds and back to her intensive care nursing job after 12 long years.


rebeca q


reb 2












Rebecca – Fibromyalgia.
Rebecca traveled down from Scotland for a 3 hour workshop after I visited her local fibro support group to guest speak. Rebecca told
me that everything I had talked about at her group had really made her think about her condition. After years of becoming more and more frustrated with her fatigue, hip and back pain she had made the decision to come and see me at the studio. I had 3 hours face to face with Rebecca to assess her and get to know her, and she left the same day with a programme designed for her. Today, she has much more energy, her back, and hip pain has gone and she has returned back to work as an Occupational Therapist. More than 6 months on Rebecca is an avid powerlifter!













Christine –  Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility

Christine suffered really badly from the back, hip and knee pain, shesuffered from sciatica and was plagued with neuropathic pain. It had become so bad in the last few months that she decided she had enough and would try anything; so she got in touch with me. Christine has been a client very long time and now she has no pain apart from the odd neuropathic flare every now and again.












Rachael – CFS, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and POTS

Rachael is another workshop client this time coming from Leeds. Rachael’s shoulder had been Subluxed for months, her fatigue and her POTS were at their worst and with only being 19 yrs old it was really affecting her life. Rachael had seen countless specialist to no avail, but after only seeing her for 3 hours to design a programme, she started to report her POTS and CF dramatically improving within 2 weeks. A month or two later I was back in Leeds and managed to get another session with her to focus more on her shoulder. A month later it was back in place and Rachael was walking for 3 hours with her friends around a castle grounds as she had more energy than she knew what to do with.














Sharon – Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility

In December 2015 I had a few ideas and tweaks I wanted to try on my then current mobility programme, and Sharon was the volunteer who helped me trial it. Sharon had been a former nurse but had to stop working on account of her hyper lax joints and Fibromyalgia. Sharon had chronic low back, hip, knee and shoulder pain, her fatigue was stopping her from getting up anything done during the day. After 6 weeks together, Sharon’s fatigue had gone, her low back, hip and shoulder pain had vanished and her knees, considering the damage done to them, were slowly starting to heal. After the 6 weeks of working with me for free in return for helping me trail my new programme, Sharon became a client and I still see her two times a week….Oh, and she returned back to nursing earlier this year!












Dianne – Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility

Dianne came to Newcastle for a 3 hour workshop in late 2016 and came walking into the studio on crutches. She was plagued with chronic fatigue and constant knee, back and hip pain. After 5 weeks Dianne had informed PIP to tell them of her change in circumstance after she ditched her crutches and returned back to work. But the best part of the programme Dianne says is that she can now walk her children to school whilst holding their hands.

Update- More than a year on Diane continues to live her life to the fullest. After climbing mount juicc, she is now an avid walker.




jane-1 jane-2










Jane – Fibromyalgia 

I worked with Jane for around 6 months and she was a total pleasure to work with. Jane had a lot of problems with pain in general and restrictions in her shoulders and knees. We worked together until we resolved these issues and she was strong enough to do her own maintenance training at her local gym.












Zoe – Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

I worked with Zoe for around 4 hours in total over a two week period. Zoe had mild scoliosis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome/hypermobility and a lot of back pain. I’m happy to report She has no back pain now. Here is what she had to say ;-

“Just have to write a huge thank you to Adam for all of his help and hard work. I have suffered from severe back pain for almost all of my life and after only 2 weeks of hard work, my spine has straightened out, my posture has improved and I woke up without any back pain at all. I only wish I had known about him earlier after so many years of doctor appointments, physio sessions, and constant pain. You’re a true miracle worker!!”











Paula – Fibromyalgia

Paula came in with her husband and son for a consultation. Paula, at the time ; *Was 62 years old.

*Suffered from fibro for over 20 years.
*Used high doses of Oramorph, Amitriptyline, Gabbapentin and paracetamol.
*Was very spaced out due to the drugs.
*Needed a walking stick to get around.
*Was told she had three choices.
1- More drugs
2- Spinal fusion
3- Steroid injections
I had honestly thought after our consultation Paula would not be returning, but boy was I wrong! A few weeks in we managed to get rid of the stick, the drugs came down and slowly the pain and fatigue subsided. Paula still has the occasional hiccup with sciatica-like pain every now and then, but I’m certain it will go completely. Paula is now on no drugs whatsoever! She can play with her grandchildren on the floor! She can run! And obviously, my favourite, at 62 can flip a tyre!
What has flipping a tyre got to do with anything I hear you ask? Well, it doesn’t, but, I assured Paula 8 weeks ago that by the time we had finished she would be able to…..and I’ll be damned if I don’t keep my promises.











Gayleen – Fibromyalgia

“I’m a 46 year old woman. Before I started working with Adam I had suffered from severe lower back pain for about 15 years. I was living on prescription painkillers. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 36. My body would ache from head to foot, particularly my hips, knees and elbows. I struggled to walk far, limped most of the time and was in constant pain. The other thing you should know about me is that I’m a massive Disney fan, especially Mickey Mouse. For years I had been pestering my husband about going to Florida on holiday, but as he rightly pointed out, I couldn’t walk very far so it wouldn’t really work, and with my back I couldn’t go on any of the rides. I’m also overweight and was secretly worried that I may not have fitted in the ride seats. So in October 2016 I started working with Adam. I was very sceptical at first, especially about the tyre flipping within 6 weeks. However within a few weeks, true to his word, he had me flipping tyres. I was so proud, I’ve shown everyone I know the video of me flipping that tyre! As well as not being in pain, I’ve also lost weight and body inches since starting to work out. I had made such impressive and rapid progress with Adam that in December 2016 my husband agreed to book Florida. I’ve just got back from a week in Florida and I had the time of my life. Not only did I walk for 53 miles during the week, but I kept up with my 2 teenagers, I fitted on every ride, I wasn’t in pain and of course I met Mickey Mouse. Not only did I feel fantastic, I also felt like a normal person, and it’s been a long time since I could keep up with a normal person. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be out of pain. It may sound dramatic, but working with Adam has completely changed my life.”

You can read about Gayleen’s journey here.










Mairi – Fibromyalgia

Mairi came down to Newcastle for a workshop and has done absolutely brilliant! She’s not skipped a beat and has followed everything to the letter and I couldn’t be prouder.

A few years ago I was very reluctant to do individual workshops as it meant I couldn’t monitor people, introduce people to pain science or modify things like I can during 1:1 sessions. But, I went ahead and started them and over the years there have been some awesome results.
People generally send at minimum a text or email a week, ask questions and let me know how they are getting on. I tell each person the same thing “you have my services until you don’t need them anymore” Most workshops go brilliantly like Mairi’s, she’s texted every week and has followed everything to the letter. It’s honestly so amazing what a little bit of education on pain, changing beliefs and changing movement patterns does












“Speedy” – ME/CFS

Another both sad and happy day as I say goodbye to a wonderful client.

Ive seen “Speedy”, as she’s been nicknamed, for 14 weeks. She came in on crutches after suffering with ME/CFS and POTS for 6 years. Today she’s left the studio educated, pain free, fatigue free and POTS free. I love a full recovery story and I wish this little machine all the best in her future. Watch out for Speedy’s story, once all the footage is edited and she’s happy with it 😊











Alison – Parsons Turner Syndrome

Alison came through doors with something I’d never even heard of before…..Parsonage Turner Syndrome. Considering we both had no idea what to expect working together, but she’s actually doing incredibly well!

Read about Alison’s journey by clicking here.












Bridget- Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

I met Bridget a while back, she is a young woman who had been Rowing at an elite level for almost 7 years. She had picked up a fair few injuries due to her hyper mobile joints and eventually, she could no longer push through the pain. By the time Bridget finished, she left with her shoulders level and in their joints, she left educated and more importantly, she left with the tools to manage her body and her pain, herself.

Read about Bridget’s journey by clicking here.








Bev- Fibromyalgia

Not long ago Bev walked through doors, she was in lots of pain, lots of fatigue and searching for the next Guru to find the simple problem that was causing her pain and to “Fix” it.
We soon drilled that mentality out of her.

Bev – When I first met Adam I was suffering from chronic lower back pain which was affecting my life in so many ways. I had to leave a job I loved when I was on the brink of promotion. Found myself withdrawing from social situations as the pain drained all of my energy. I had tried everything, chiropractor, osteopath, physio, acupuncture, bowen technique….the list goes on. I spent loads of money searching something that would help. Every time I tried something new I was full of hope that this would be the thing that would help, but time and time again I felt as if there was no hope. Just prior to meeting Adam I hit rock bottom and was suffering severe anxiety and depression as a result of the relentless pain and had lost all hope. I’m part of a group on Facebook and one of the ladies on there recommended Adam and told me he had worked wonders for her so I thought it was worth a go. At my first meeting with Adam I was frightened to bend down, wouldn’t pick anything up and basically was afraid to move. From the first meeting, Adam managed to put me at ease and explained how pain worked in a way no one else I had. He started me on an exercise programme and although I was scared at first I gave it my all. I cannot believe the difference seeing Adam has made, he has built my confidence and had me doing things I never believed possible like flipping tyres and lifting weights. He makes each session fun and pushes you to realize your true ability, something which pain can take away from you. My husband and friends cannot believe the difference in me and he had helped me move forward with my life and do ‘normal’ things. He truly is a miracle worker!

Read about Bev’s journey by clicking here.

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