EDS Online Programme

Fibromyalgia/Ehlers-danlos syndrome pain management

Please note that this programme is currently unavailable due to it being upgraded and re-filmed.


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Hello and welcome to the online programme, wherein you will be following video sessions twice a week. The course has over 20 hours Video instruction via prerecorded sessions. Estimated completion of the course dependant on current mobility is around 8-14 weeks. Please ensure you adhere to the programme exactly as it is laid out, ensuring you do the sessions on the right days, meaning adequate recovery times between sessions. Please note failure to follow the programme as it is laid out will result in you not getting the results that you are after. The online programme also contains a deload course aimed to introduce you back into a public gym, putting into practice what you have learned, enabling you to carry on with your own individual maintenance after programme completion.

You will need a few item’s to for the 8 stage online course which can be found here:-

FREETOO Resistance Bands Workout Rubber Band Heavy Elastic Exercises Pull up Bands for Men Woman (Red)


1- Resistance band – Which can be found here.



ResultSport® Pack of 3 - Spiky Massage Balls Stress Reflexology - 6cm, 8cm, 10cm - Trigger Point Massage - Myofasical Ball, Exercise Ball, Lacrosse Ball, Environmental Friendly plastic, PAH and Phthalates Free


2- Trigger point balls – Which can be found here.




3- Stability Ball – Which can be found here.



Protone resistance bands set - 5 tube set with handles, door anchor, ankle straps and carry bag for home fitness / travel fitness / strength


4- Resistance cables with handles – Which can be found here.





5- Closed resistance bands – Which can be found here.





6- Pair of 2kg dumbells – Which can be found here





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