Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Advice

Use the Fibro Guys easy and effective tips to help alleviate pain

I have worked with many people over the years with not just Fibromyalgia but EDS, ME and various different levels of Hypermobility and other chronic pain conditions.  Below you will find articles written by myself to help educate you as to why you are in pain and how to help relieve some of it.




Download the 4 step programme to reduce joint dislocations.




Ehlers danlos


Correcting UCS that affects 90% Fibromyalgia sufferers







The Psoas and back pain








One of the most common causes of knee pain







Why they keep telling you to exercise





Si joint



SI joint dysfunction and self relief techniques.






The chronic pain body clock – Why you cant sleep








Fibromyalgia and balance how to restore proprioceptive function.









How modern society causes chronic pain and how to avoid it.







Fibromyalgia and hydrotherapy









The calculations on how to diet safely without flare up.







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Don’t hate pain, ask why!

Pain is an important part of being as human it protects us from damage. It’s important to remember that things like degeneration, …