These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how we work

I am hyper-mobile - can I still work with you?

Yes, absolutely! I've worked with many hyper-mobile people over the years with excellent results. Obviously, every routine I build is individual and specific to them so we would work around you being hyper-mobile and find something well suited to your needs.

What do your online consultations involve? Will working long-distance help me at all?

Absolutely! Postural work drastically improves symptoms and can be carried out over media such as Skype. Through regular contact we can formulate a pain management routine and identify your trigger points and foods. Obviously, the best thing is working in person together but where this is not possible, my remote support will still allow you to regain more mobility and reduce fatigue.

Please review my ongoing projects page for further information on my future plans which will benefit those outside of North East and potentially the UK.

What will the work involve? Will it be high intensity?

The work that I do is very low intensity designed to help build your strength, stamina and improve your posture. You will quickly find that the work we do together will allow you to keep fatigue at bay for longer periods of time during the day. My routines involve elements of postural work, yoga, stretching and light aerobic exercise - always taking into consideration your own personal limitations and needs so as not to cause a flare up or aggravation.

What support do you offer alongside your plans and programmes?

Everyone has access to 24/7 support. I regularly receive texts and emails asking for general advice but at minimum I ask that all my clients provide me with a 'pain rating' everyday so I can assess what tweaks need to be made to their pain management routines to help assure better results.

I always ensure that my clients health and safety is of paramount importance so keeping in regular contact will only benefit you further and better your routines.

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