Month: December 2015

Introducing Lizzie

You may remember about 3 weeks ago when I asked for some volunteers to help trial my new modified pain management programme. This was after I had made some adjustments to it, in the hopes of making it shorter.

I would like you to meet Lizzie who is currently going into week 3 of the 6 week programme. So far she has made some brilliant progress… Read more

Chronic pain from our de-evolution

It’s funny how you generally never hear a small child complaining of back pain, or that their hips hurt, or even having knee problems.  There is reason why they are so much healthier, why they have more energy and why they never seem to get injured; even when there running into walls and falling over when playing all the time.

If, like myself you suffer from chronic pain,  Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or pretty much any of the myriad of conditions that are out in the world. I’m going to take a pretty good guess that you stopped doing something that your younger self did, something that you had forced out of you by society, something that we, as humans, need and something that is extremely important when it comes to keeping pain at bay and being healthy……. Read more

        I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. …

The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 3 – Stretching the truth

If you want a subject that will make your head spin, then welcome to Part 3- Stretching the truth.  Why can some people …

♪Go Jonny Go♪

Working with me is hard. Super hard. There’s a long line of people who will tell you the same. Despite the hard journey …