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2021 – We are back!

Happy New Year you lovely lot! It’s a brand new year, with lots to be gained!

Chronic pain takes a lot from people, so we are super excited over here to see what parts of their lives our new clients take back this year 💪🏻

I hope you (yes, you, reading this) had an enjoyable holiday season, despite the current state of the world.

Here at The Fibro Guy, the practitioners and I want to start 2021 the right way, so what things do you want to see on the page this year?

There’s going to be a lot more content this year, but what is it you want to see?

Do you want some live webinars with a Practitioner?

Do you want to see more behind the scenes?

More crazy recovery stories?

Perhaps some live content?

More info – www.thefibroguy.com



We are going to  start this year as we mean to go on, so here is an update on little berries amazing progress!

Our client Berrie is definitely one of our superstars for the year and she has battled through so many issues this year that most people will never experience, let alone be able to understand.

She’s an absolute superstar and every session is a delight to work with her.

Berries journey is a privilege to be a part of and We can’t wait to see her continue to reclaim her life in 2021


For those of you thinking of starting, our studios are:


And of course, there’s the online programme too for those of you further afield! 🌎

All the best,
Adam and the team

More info – www.thefibroguy.com

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