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I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. At the moment I have a lot of projects going on including the book, the hypermobility exercise DVD and looking towards expansion. With all of that being said, I have decided to do one last roadshow, which, in all likelihood will probably be my last. Due to commitments, I can’t travel too far this time so I have capped the workshops to Scotland, the North-West,  the Midlands and Wales as there have been lots emails from there.

Each workshop slot will be 2hrs in duration and cover everything I would do with a regular workshop. Although condensed; you’ll be getting exactly the same including a follow-up regime to follow at home and unlimited remote support from me for as long as you need it, to get the results you desire!  If you are committed to recovery and not just simply interested; a workshop is for you!  Due to the travel element, all fees are non-refundable as that’ll be contributing towards travel costs, venue hire and accommodation. However, due to the travel element again, and seeing multiple people per day, the workshop fee is £100 instead of £180.

Booking needs to be done via email and it has to include: – Full history (diagnosis, medications) – Pain levels – Detail any surgery/surgeries – Detail current involvement (e.g. Physio)

Remember that slots are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone – and this time it’s for good!

Get booking and see you soon.


Saturday 9th of June – Manchester – 4 spaces

Sunday 10th of June – Manchester – 4 spaces

Saturday 23rd of June- Edinburgh – 4 spaces

Sunday 24th of June- Edinburgh – 4 spaces

Saturday 30th of June- Leeds – 4 spaces

Saturday 14th of July- Cardiff- 4 spaces

Saturday 21st of July- Sheffield- 4spaces

Saturday 5th of August-Birmingham-  4 spaces



Please note all spaces left, are as last updated at  16:00hrs on 08/04/2018.


To book a slot for a workshop please email


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Pain management routine

Hey guys, As you know I am Constantly learning and tweaking my pain management programs to ensure that i offer my client the best i can possibly give.

This month has seen me talk to a lot of very  renowned Researchers like Dr Perrin and Professor Jim Richardson, Which has given me a few ideas to implement into my pain programs.

I am asking for Two volunteers to take part in a new 6 week version of my pain management routine, to help me finalize  the program and figure out which parts of the program  work and which parts need further tweaking.

This of course will be free,and i will need to see you at least 2 times per week. Read more

I am going to show you that it is possible…

Housebound to bounding outside 

Tomorrow I’m  meeting with a lovely woman who has been house bound for over 10  years.

I am going to document this fantastic journey every step of the way, from my initial consultation tomorrow, hydrotherapy sessions, build up training, all the way to our first steps out in the world again.  Read more

        I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. …

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