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Fibromyalgia DVD’s Contributors

I’ve had a lot of enquiries about who is going to be featured in the documentary so, I best introduce you to a few of them! As many of you know, I deliberately included a range of people affected by the condition, as well as researchers, doctors, health professionals and alternative therapists to get an all round picture..  Read more

Fibromyalgia documentry

Fibromyalgia Documentary and Exercise DVD

Coming soon in 2016 is a very, VERY special DVD..With the support and funding from FMAUK, i have developed the worlds first home base fibromylagia personal training exercise DVD, This is the same graded exercise programme I use with my own clients, the same one that allows them to gradually build up the amount of time they spend exercising without causing flare ups,  so expect to see some great results.

As well as the exercise DVD, FMAUK and myself have created the UK’s very first fibromyalgia awareness DVD, which has seen me travel far and wide within the UK to get the latest insights into Diagnosis and treatments, as well as talking to some of the worlds leading professionals on the latest news. Read more

Fibromyalgia documentry

Fibromyalgia Documentry Update

Well the Fibromyalgia Exercise build up DVD is finished and the documentry is nearly finished, Funded by Fibromyalgia Action UK , it has been an amazing experience, there are a few more appointments and a few more Days of filming left, but I am happy to announce that we are ready to start taking pre orders and are looking to ship in January.

I am very happy to release the worlds first Fibromyalgia exercise Build up programme and I hope it can help as many people as possible.

And I am even more excited to finally produce a documentry on chronic pain as this is something I feel passionatl

To celebrate the release I’m giving away a free fog jogger with every DVD while stocks last.

You can pre order here

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