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The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 3 – Stretching the truth

If you want a subject that will make your head spin, then welcome to Part 3- Stretching the truth.  Why can some people do it and feel great, whilst others get injured? Is yoga the devil’s work or is the devil in the details? The myths surrounding hypermobility, in general, are shocking and things only get more confusing when we throw stretching into the mix!….. Read more

The “New” guide to Hypermobility – Part 1- Cut the bull sh#t!

Over many years I have been lucky enough to work with many amazing people, from those with Fibromyalgia to those with various neurological problems. But, out of all the people that walk through my door with a fibromyalgia only diagnosis, I would say around 50%-60%  actually turn out to be on the Hypermobility spectrum or have Ehler-danlos syndrome. Now for those folks with hyper lax tissue, life can become very difficult, very fast. With the change in collagen that the gene mutation in those with hypermobilty causes, and the fact that collagen is a hugely abundant and incredibly important tissue in the body, it brings about a lot of systemic problems. I’ve seen a lot of hypermobile folk in my career and I’ve seen some pretty amazing results that hard work, determination and a little consistency can bring about. Some of them even made the press like KrissLauren and Lisa.

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Don’t hate pain, ask why!

Pain is an important part of being as human it protects us from damage. It’s important to remember that things like degeneration, posture, leg length differences are very poorly linked to pain.
A study by Finan et al (2013) found that of 113 people with severe arthritis reported having low pain and those with mild arthritis reported having high pain.
I’ll tell you about my hatred of suits!
Every time I put on a suit my back hurts! I don’t suddenly become misaligned, nor does my posture become bad (in fact, I stand up straighter in a suit). I do, however, associate them with a certain restrictive feeling and a general sense of uncomfortableness.
Pain is not solely linked to damage. There are many other factors involved. If you wish to get out of chronic pain then we need to start doing more than we already are and thinking differently. How uncomfortable and painful does it feel when you sit in the waiting room of your doctors? Is it because they buy only the most uncomfortable chairs? Or maybe is it because we associate the doctors waiting room with sad news, sickness or just general panic?
We need to start thinking of pain in a different way!

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

More people than I care to remember over the years have suffered with POTS, especially those with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Simple interventions I have used with clients over the years has seen many clients return back to work and increased their standards of living. Let’s take a look at POTs, its mechanism and give you something to take away, use and hopefully help yourself. Read more

Ehlers-Danlos Volunteers Needed

Hey guys, as you know I am always making minor changes to my programmes and every once in a while, I offer the programmes for free to test how well they work. I have a few projects lined up for next year and in particular, an Ehlers-Danlos project. As many of you know I can only help so much when it comes to the gastric and other problems that Hyper Lax connective tissue can cause, but when it comes to structural problems, mobility and pain I can help a lot. My programmes are well known and have even been in the press on a few occasions Read more

Chronic pain from our de-evolution

It’s funny how you generally never hear a small child complaining of back pain, or that their hips hurt, or even having knee problems.  There is reason why they are so much healthier, why they have more energy and why they never seem to get injured; even when there running into walls and falling over when playing all the time.

If, like myself you suffer from chronic pain,  Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME or pretty much any of the myriad of conditions that are out in the world. I’m going to take a pretty good guess that you stopped doing something that your younger self did, something that you had forced out of you by society, something that we, as humans, need and something that is extremely important when it comes to keeping pain at bay and being healthy……. Read more

        I’ve had a lot of emails lately asking if there will be any more road shows this year. …

The “New” guide to hypermobility – Part 3 – Stretching the truth

If you want a subject that will make your head spin, then welcome to Part 3- Stretching the truth.  Why can some people …

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Working with me is hard. Super hard. There’s a long line of people who will tell you the same. Despite the hard journey …