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Don’t hate pain, ask why!

Pain is an important part of being as human it protects us from damage. It’s important to remember that things like degeneration, posture, leg length differences are very poorly linked to pain.
A study by Finan et al (2013) found that of 113 people with severe arthritis reported having low pain and those with mild arthritis reported having high pain.
I’ll tell you about my hatred of suits!
Every time I put on a suit my back hurts! I don’t suddenly become misaligned, nor does my posture become bad (in fact, I stand up straighter in a suit). I do, however, associate them with a certain restrictive feeling and a general sense of uncomfortableness.
Pain is not solely linked to damage. There are many other factors involved. If you wish to get out of chronic pain then we need to start doing more than we already are and thinking differently. How uncomfortable and painful does it feel when you sit in the waiting room of your doctors? Is it because they buy only the most uncomfortable chairs? Or maybe is it because we associate the doctors waiting room with sad news, sickness or just general panic?
We need to start thinking of pain in a different way!

2 Replies to “Don’t hate pain, ask why!”

  1. Adam I cannot wait to get started , have been wondering why my chronic advanced OA in my toe gives me no pain but the hip does? Feel sure must be a soft tissue thing & muscles need strengthening, can’t wait for you to show me how, just hope I am up to the task before me!
    See you soon.

  2. I completely agree, my first major pain was seering hip pain that made me falter and fall. 13 yrs on: Today that hip pain has been joined by all over pain and other pains that are seering elsewhere…and that same hip is uncomfortable all the time but rarely is it that same take your breath away pain, I no longer fall due to that hip but fall due to fatigue, weakness and imbalance plus a tad of BP and wobbliness.
    Progression of fibro, EDS chronic pain and fatigue is constantly evolving. I restart the programme , see improvement then am setback by injury, illness or flares, then I restart again. One day…..

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