It’s been 5 years since Lauren first hobbled into the studio on crutches and in lots of pain, and what a journey she has had in that time.

Lauren has actually been through a program twice, as after she initially got pain free and stoped her joints from dislocating, she threw herself into enjoying her new life and ultimately got distracted from keeping on top of things.

For many who come through the studio doors, they will be able to just finish and never have to think about their old chronic pain lives again. However, for those with hypermobility and EDS, they are not afforded this luxury and must keep on top of things. This is something Lauren learned the hard way, and you can’t really blame her though, as she was just enjoying life. However, it’s been 3 1/2 years since I last saw Lauren, and it’s fantastic to see her keeping on top of everything and enjoying her life.

This is Laurens story.

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