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Fibromyalgia Awareness DVD Day 1

Today we started on our journey; our journey to raise awareness of something most people can’t pronounce let alone begin to understand what it is..I’m talking of course about Fibromyalgia….

Friday night I had received a message from Cheryl telling me she was in bed with a massive cluster tick migraine. Due to film the next day, I prayed she would get better, and when on Saturday morning I received a text from Richie, Cheryl’s husband, that she couldn’t even get her head off the pillow I feared for the worst.

I arrived at the house to find the camera crew already there talking to Richie. After talking with Cheryl and seeing the state she was in, left me one choice….call in magic hands.

I called Jan Ware the massage therapist and asked if she could come round and try and relive some of the pressure from Cheryl’s head and try a little reflexology on her hands.

The camera crews director Adam had never really seen the true extent of Fibromyalgia so when he saw the state of Cheryl it came as some what of a shock to him….but not as big a shock as 20 minutes later when Cheryl was completely fine after Jans magic hands had worked the magic.


Nobody could believe the difference, and the camera crew looked shocked…..this meant that we could film..and so we did.




Interviewing Richie I asked him what fibromyalgia was to him, and I guess I wasn’t really ready for his response.

“Fibromyalgia took my fun loving party girl and turned her into some one who needed to be cared for”

imageTo the left is Cheryl and Richie on their wedding day.








We have had a long journey together Cheryl and I, and we have made some amazing progress. I am so excited to finally be filming the awareness documentary and to finally raise the much needed awareness.

After we had interviewed everyone we headed back to the studio to talk to me about how I started on my own chronic pain journey and why I spend my life trying to help those in pain.





If you wish to share your own story for DVD, I do still need lots more 2-5 minute videos on what fibromyalgia (or any other chronic pain/fatigue syndrome) is to you. It can be about anything to do with your condition, from doctors to pain clinics to what triggered it.

I am going to these from videos in the final DVD documentary.

So please send your videos to and any queries you might have to


The next filming date is quickly approaching and we are looking to film the entire exercise DVD in one day. The exercise DVD will come free with the documentary and is a means for any one, regardless of ability, to finally exercise safely.


I have over 5 years of working with those with fibromyalgia, and other illnesses including EDS, and helping them build themselves up and to being able to exercise.

Oh and we finaly thought of a name….. Invisible Monster.

Thank you to every one who got in touch with title names.

Gentle hugs.






  • Mum

    Oh dear Cheryl, that deathly star eyed glassy look which I have seen so many many times in contrast to the very slim beautiful blonde blue eyed girl I had known since birth until Fibro took over your life and that of Richie’s and Maisie’s too.
    Not only do I hope you get Fibro under control and get your life back I do so hope you get back to being that fun loving slim and shining lass you deserve to be once again.
    Good luck Cheryl
    Love Mum

  • Ali Wade

    OMG. Makes me realise how lucky I am with my Fibromyalgia. Yes, it has taken away my ability to go running, cycling for hours and riding my pony. Yes, I am now reluctant to travel and to socialise, particularly in the evenings. However, to look at me, most people would not even know I had any chronic health issues. Makes me even more determined to keep looking after myself, to keep active and to ensure that not all of me disappears. Ali x

  • Patricia Wilburn

    Hi Cheryl. That must have been an awful night for you knowing that you had a big day ahead with the dvd. So glad that Jan was able to help you and get through the filming. Keep on going you are doing amazing. Love Auntie Pat xxx

  • TRistan Purvis

    Hey adam and seren tryed to e-mail you guys my videos and permission document not sure if you guys have another way for contact please let me know how to send them.

    • Adam Foster

      Brilliant got it thanks Tristan

      • TRistan Purvis

        No problem can’t wait to see the finished product: ) glad i could share for you guys

  • TRistan Purvis

    Not sure if you guys got the permission slip as well brain fog is wonderful we all know. Can’t wait to see finished product

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