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A Fibromyalgia Recovery: Louise

A woman kicking a walking frame during her fibromyalgia recovery

One of our favourite stories when it comes to the topic of Fibromyalgia recovery is that of Lousie’s recovery.

Louise first hobbled into the Newcastle studio on a walking cane after being dropped off by her mother, as she had given up with driving as it had become just too painful over the years.

She had just moved back to England after 20 years of living in Ireland, and the reason she moved back to the UK, well, that was because she wanted to start her programme and recover from Fibromyalgia.

Apart from feeling very shocked, but also very humbled, we couldn’t wait to get started with Louise. We have had many international clients over the years, clients from Norway, Turkey, Spain, Amsterdam, and Germany, however, to uproot your entire life just to work with us, well, we felt very honoured to work with Louise.


The start of Fibromyalgia for Louise

Louise’s issues first started in 2010 when she realised her busy work-life as a nurse was starting to become incrementally harder. From 2010 onwards multiple factors occurred in her life to create a perfect breeding ground for Fibromyalgia to manifest. Some of these factors included where, when Louise almost died during childbirth, when medical professionals found an aneurysm, and when she was hit by a drunk driver.

As the pain began to spread, Louise started to develop issues with her feet, namely issues with her ankles. Her Achilles tendons would restrict her movement and  It was soon after this that she started using mobility aids to move around.

Eventually, Lousie was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had to medically retire from the job that she loved so much.

After feeling no better when she had nerves burnt to help with her pain, Louise was told by doctors that her last resort was to surgically release her Achilles tendons and claves, with a 12 month recovery period for each leg, of which they wanted to operate on separately. When Louise heard this, she uprooted her life and moved to the Uk to seek our help.

And so her programme began.


Lousie’s fibromyalgia recovery

Louise was kind enough to let us record some of her Fibromyalgia recoveries, and we love to watch it back to see the changes in her at the different stages.

In Louise’s first videos she seems so deflated despite making some good early improvement. However, by week 8 she is doing things that she thought she would never be able to do again, and we think this comes out so much in the videos as she seems a completely different person.

And by Louise’s last video which was taken post Fibromyalgia recovery, Lousie was full of hope again, and now being able to do whatever she wanted, she could see a world of new possibilities.


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