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Introducing the new program!

For years the chronic pain recovery stories that you have seen on the page have only been available to those within the surrounding areas of the studios.

Yes, there have been a lot of dedicated clients in the past who have driven crazy hours to come and work with the team. Some have even flown over from Turkey, Spain, Norway, and the USA, and for that, I applaud them: no easy feat indeed.

However, as we had to make the jump to finishing off client programmes online after lockdown came, it did give us a chance to really sit down and formulate a plan.

The team and I, over the last few months, have worked tirelessly at creating an adaptable framework to offer those in pain who are out of range of the studios, via a personalised online program.

The 1:1 programme will always be the best option, as practitioners can use our full framework. However, after the last few months of testing and tweaking an adapted version, and subsequently getting a chance during lockdown to test it out, we are more than happy with the results.

Obviously, many of our high-level EDS, ME/Cd and Chiari clients will indeed need a 1:1 programme. But, this new avenue opens up recovery for so many more people: it’s no longer a postcode lottery.

As we have had numerous emails from those in Norway wishing to fly to the UK, but are unable to due to restrictions, this is a huge step forward as our own superstar Hedda is Norweigian.

As we are very big on the therapeutic alliance, expect to spend a lot of time with your assigned practitioner. After all, recovery takes a lot of work!

Please note, that due to the extra time practitioners need to spend with online clients, we have capped the number of clients that they will each be working with online.

So, if your sick and tired, of being sick and tired, then book a callback, let’s chat about it and let’s get your life back.

Book a call back: https://www.thefibroguy.com/services/programmes/11-online-program/

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