Season 2 of the podcast

Last season was a great introduction for us to the world of podcasting, however, for this season, we are changing it up.

In today’s podcast, fibro guys Jonny and Hedda are talking about something they talk about a lot with their clients who are nearing the end of their recoveries whilst at the studios……and that is…..what the hell is normal?

When someone has been ill for so long, they tend to become very interoceptive and start to notice very subtle things or changes to their body.

Those who have never experience chronic pain will likely brush over a calf muscle that’s randomly twitching, or indeed not even notice it. But, for those in pain or for our guys at the end of their recoveries, it’s hard for them to ascertain what is actually normal when it comes to the human body? Or even what they should expect when they are no longer in pain?

So, here is season 2, episode 1…enjoy!

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