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Ehlers-Danlos Volunteers Needed

Hey guys, as you know I am always making minor changes to my programmes and every once in a while, I offer the programmes for free to test how well they work. I have a few projects lined up for next year and in particular, an Ehlers-Danlos project. As many of you know I can only help so much when it comes to the gastric and other problems that Hyper Lax connective tissue can cause, but when it comes to structural problems, mobility and pain I can help a lot. My programmes are well known and have even been in the press on a few occasions

The  programme that I require volunteers for is an 8 week online programme designed for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and associated connective tissue disorders. The whole programme will be done via secure private video link wherein the volunteers will need to follow along with the video. You will need some equipment to follow this programme and the 10 volunteers will be emailed with a link to buy the equipment from Amazon. Equipment needed will total around £3o.

All volunteers will need to have an connective tissue disorder diagnosed or be hypermobile. Volunteers must  be prepared to have a skype interview with me before starting and, as stated above, will need to purchase the required equipment. The programme will take around 90mins per week split between Monday and Thursday and there will be 10 minutes of foundation exercises to be done Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to volunteer please email with a little about yourself. Please note that the programme will be hard. You will not like some aspects to it and I require 100% commitment. If you can’t commit to the previous then please think before you send that email.

My projects are my ‘children’ so to speak and I require those taking part to be able to see the programme out for the full 8 weeks.


To see how the last Volunteers you can read about them below.






  • Nicky Phillips

    hi, are you still taking volunteers for this? If you are please could you email me further details.

  • Sally Clare

    I have a family of ehlers danlos sufferers including myself.
    I am the only one of us who could commit to the course as I am pretty much housebound now due to pain and anxiety caused by years of non validation and endless symptoms being wrongly diagnosed and treated inappropriately. I have recently had some good Physio which has helped my neck and shoulders a little, by an EDs knowledgeable Physio. Previous Physio had always made things a lot worse. However I had had “my lot” according to the GP but it has taught me that proper controlled and graded exercise CAN actually help so I’m motivated for the first time in many years to work hard. I have completely dropped thumbs and major hand and wrist pain. Shoulder and neck pain and reduced movement in joints. I have chronic lower back pain, subluxing hips and knees and shoulders, am clicky and clonky with some dysautonomia. My walk is staggery and knees seem to slip in any direction at each step. I have burning pain in soles of feet and have special inner soles for collapsed arches. I have eye and dental issues from EDs in addition. I walk with a walker stick or crutches but have a lot of spasm esp from hips.
    I would welcome inclusion on the study, or inclusion in the next suitable online course. Please get back to me. Thank you

  • Gay Russell

    I was diagnosed with hypermobility almost 3 years ago after a run of 3 accidents that made the condition flare up as previously I had never noticed it.

    I I’m fairly fit life cycle and I have been doing medical pilates for a year once a week I do quite a lot of small exercises at home.
    What I found is that I have not regained my strength as well as I’m not sure what I should do now in the gym so I don’t have access the gymnasium at the moment.

    I am very committed as I was an excellent dance term performer and used to do kickboxing.
    I haven’t been able to do any of those for the last 3 years and the NHS approach is to medicate and do less and basically switch off my life but I’m not prepared to do.
    So I would love to be a guinea pig for your program as I have tried many approaches on my own and I’m very determined not to let this condition run my life
    If I am successful on your programme and I would go on to do personal training myself as I’m sure that the weights used correctly would help me significantly.

    I look forward to hearing from you

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