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Brittany – EDS

“For the past 7 years I have suffered with a constant subluxation in my right shoulder. I couldn’t lift things up without it popping and/or moving out of place, causing pain and ultimately discomfort. When I came to see Adam he found that it was my shoulder blade that was causing problems and that my shoulder blade was tilting too much in the first few degrees of movement. Something he says he sees a lot of in those with EDS/and or hypermobility. After 4 weeks, I am now able to lift things above my head, use my arm to reach up to grab things, I can even wash my hair and dry it without pain.

I’ve also started to weight train and my shoulder is still firmly in place, and the fear around using it is disappearing fast!

Adam has given me back my independence and I feel like a normal young girl again! X”



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