Brittany – EDS


“For the past 7 years I suffered with a constant subluxation in my right shoulder. I couldn’t lift things up without it popping and/or moving out of place, causing pain and ultimately discomfort. Sleeping on a night because an utter nightmare, as the dislocations would wake me up, and the lack of sleep resulted in more pain.

When I first came to see Adam, I was amazed at the completely different take on hypermobility that he and the team have. I could instantly see how every other professional I had seen, had been focused on the wrong areas.

 After around 4 weeks, my shoulder was tracking properly and was firmly in the socket. I had full movement in my arms and I could do things like wash my hair again without pain or subluxation!

With my shoulder being pain free, I have been able to start weightlifting at the Gym, go back to work, and start to live my life again. Best of all though, I don’t have any fear of movement anymore. I would literally focus on my shoulder all day everyday, and it was so mentally taxing. So, now I can go about my day without even thinking about it.

Adam has given me back my independence and I feel like a normal young girl again! ”



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