Dr Harper – Fibromyalgia

In 2017 Dr Mairi Harper entered the old studio to see Adam for a 1:1 workshop.

Mairi was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 and by 2015 she was mainly wheelchair bound and unable to work. As her pain levels increased, her mobility decreased. Being a psychologists, Mairi was an informed individual when in came to pain, however, she had found like a lot of our clients, that simply learning about pain, doesn’t always change anything. She knew how pain worked, but no one had been able to help her put this knowledge into a practical framework.

On the train to see us, Mairi had struggled to even lift her laptop from the train table without pain. By the time Mairi had finished her intensive programme, she was mobile again, she wasn’t in pain, and she returned back to work as a researcher

Still amazed at her recovery, and dedicated to the programme that helped her get her life back, Dr Harper wanted to cover some of the research behind Adams method. They soon wrote and published their book “No Pain: No pain”

You can find the book here.