Faye – Fibromyalgia

Considering I’ve never met Faye before, the only contact we have had is text and email, and the fact that she has had to do this by herself, in her living room. What Faye has achieved by herself is incredible and true a testament to how dedicated, disciplined and driven she was to get better! Way to go faye! “I found Adams program online when I was at my very lowest point and having been diagnosed with ME/CFS, I was getting progressively worse. I was still just about working from home, but that was it. I had constant flu like symptoms, general weakness everywhere and no energy. I had hardly any social life, and even basic things like watching TV, reading or even a conversation where getting too much to enjoy. We started using a wheelchair to go out and I crawled up the stairs and had to sit down to clean my teeth. I wondered how long it could go on before I couldn’t leave my bed. Adams program is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But from the very first cold shower, I felt like I was doing something proactive, I wasn’t going to just lay down and die. I could contact him if I had a wobbly moment and speak to other people who had faced the same problems and got better. 9 months later I’m a lot better, with less pain, more energy and enjoying life again. I’m a different version of myself than before and I’m still improving everyday. I will always be very grateful to Adam.”