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Heather – Fibromyalgia

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia during my last pregnancy and hadn’t found anything during the 5 years that have passed that would help ease my pain and chronic fatigue so I could function “normally”. I went from working 70+ hours a week, while also running a children’s charity in my spare time as well as studying at uni. I had to stop working, stop the charity work and put my studies on hold.
I had refused to take the awful medication the dr wanted me to try as I believed in helping my body heal, not drugging it.
I came across Adam’s Facebook page and sent an enquiry to see if my symptoms could be helped and in September this year (2017) I began my training sessions and whilst I was hoping it would eventually help I was NOT prepared for how quickly my body responded!!!
I won’t lie… it’s HARD… and Adam is evil 😎 but he clearly knows what is needed to get results and I did exactly as I was instructed and by the second week I not only had a night out 😱 but I had no pain despite being outside, standing around and wasn’t cold! This was a very surreal experience but I expected to be in agony the following day as any sort of social event would have had me bed bound the following day. WELL the next morning I woke up pain free! It was the first morning in almost 5 years where I hadn’t reached for my pain meds before even getting out of bed!!
Since then my symptoms continue to diminish, to the point where I can have a night out and not have to take medication with me, as well as doing a full day without needing any medication at all! My energy levels are back to pre fibro levels and I am able to work full time and not be in agony and can also manage my uni studies again…….
I really can’t thank Adam enough for his ongoing support and he is always on hand to give me help, advise and moral support and whilst the sessions are physically and emotionally hard, we also have a laugh and I thoroughly enjoy my training and have no plans to stop attending altogether once my 8 weeks training plan is up 🙂


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