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Jonny – Fibromyalgia

Jonny is an Ex client of Adams who knows first hand all about recovery. Back in 2012, Jonny initially experienced pain in his wrists, first starting in his right arm, and then spreading to his left. Jonny was working a retail job which required a lot of use of his hands, as well as studying computing and gaming. Over the years he started to experience other symptoms; first during a run when he felt pain in his calves and heels. When he walked he would have pain in his heels, unless he had gel insoles in his shoes. Jonny’s back pain then started in 2014 and was intermittent. When he used a computer for extended periods or pushed himself with anything physical, his back would begin to burn, his shoulders and neck hurt and would go tight, as well as his scalp and the sides of his chest and would stay like that for a few days; longer if he didn’t rest. The pain soon began to spread and Jonny set about trying to find a reason why. Jonny was forced to wear insoles as walking became too painful, and he slowly began to lose the use of his hand due to how painfull they had become. Jonny visited many specialists and underwent many tests, but when nerve condition studies came back with nothing wrong, and MRI of his wrists showed no damage, he was eventually being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.


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