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Laura – Hypermobility/Fibromyalgia

Laura – “Ride those el dolphins, Laura!” I wanted to tell him where to shove his el dolphins. But part of me was thinking, ‘You wouldn’t have managed to do this just a few weeks ago’. And that, my friends, is the magic of working with Adam….
Three years ago, I was healthy. No major illnesses, should go to the gym a bit more, but fairly normal. I held down a fairly challenging job, spent time with my partner and friends, all the usual. And then something changed.
I helped my parents move house. Busy day, pretty knackered at the end of it, but nothing a good night’s sleep wouldn’t fix. Next thing I knew, I was in A&E. ‘Severe gastric distress’, according to the doctor. No answers as to why, just a bagful of codeine and advice to rest up. I rested for a month, completely giddy on codeine, and eventually the stomach pain went. But then my problems started for real. I notice it first in my hands. I struggled to grip things, and felt a deep ache running up into my wrists. Then it moved to my knees, my hips, my back. I was in constant pain, but had no idea why. No doctor could give me an answer. I tried every supplement on the market, bought books on chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, mindfulness, anything where I thought I might get an answer. Some things worked, some were a load of rubbish. Then I was hospitalised again.

What had started off as the flu turned out to be a severe case of haemolytic anaemia. My body was killing off its own red blood cells, to the point that I only had 1/3rd of a healthy adult. I hadn’t even noticed how poorly I was, because, well, I was always poorly. Finally, doctors were taking me seriously about how much pain I was constantly in. What followed was a number of consultant appointments, leaving me with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and hypermobility. The first appointment with the pain doctor, I was told to limit my expectations of what my life would be, not to go up stairs if I could avoid it, not to push myself too much…. I wasn’t accepting that! I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted a life. At 33, I refused to believe my life was over.
And that’s where Adam came in. I cried at his initial assessment, years of frustration pouring out. But he promised me I could get better. And I believed him. The course wasn’t easy. I turned up every week, sometimes grumpier than others, but ready to get better. Adam has taught me how to move, but most importantly that I am not limited at all. I am now on my teacher training course, and not in pain for the first time in years. I am even able to run, something which I was determined when we started that I would never do! All of this is thanks to Adam.
So many people living with chronic pain are scared that if they try to get better, they will fail, or get worse. I understand this completely. I have been there too. However, what Adam does in 12 weeks is nothing short of miraculous. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Adam, and to have completed his course. He has literally given me my life back, and I will be forever grateful”



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