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Lois – Full ME/CFS recovery


Lois – “Wow, what can I say! Roughly 4 years ago, I began feeling constantly tired and neasueous, struggling to get out of bed in the morning. As time elapsed, I found it increasingly difficult to complete a full day at school without it having a profound effect on my health. Unfortunately, I was missing numerous of days of school a week and my social life came to a grinding halt at the age of 13. It took 3 years, with constant back and forth visits to the doctors and a strong-willed mother,who stood by my side when doctors were saying “she’s just a typical teenager”, to finally get diagnosed with ME/CFS just over a year ago.

I am shortly coming up to the age of 17, and if you asked me how I could picture my future back in September, well the answer would not have been what follows:

I am struggling to comprehend my emotions right now. My gratitude and respect for Adam and Hedda is something that can never be expressed in words. Thank you both for the patience, hard work and Perseverance; They have truly changed my life and will always hold a special place in my heart.

The treatment process is not easy, it is physically and emotionally demanding; from the cold showers, foundation exercises, to the dreaded cardio, not to mention my constant moaning which they had to endure for many weeks (I’m sorry) but I can finally say, Infact scream, it was all worth it.

Now, I have the ability to do anything, I have the strength and confidence to take each day in my stride. ME/CFS isn’t in control of my life….I am”


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