Mandy – Chronic back pain

In Mandy’s first message to me, she told me she was pretty much bedridden at the time and hoped that the huge flare would be over soon. Mandy told me she had always had an ache in her back since being around 19yrs old and in 2009 she felt a shock of pain in her back whilst hoovering and fell to the floor. This was the beginning of everything. Doctor appts, walk ins, hospitals and eventually leading to having two discectomy’s. 2 back operations, years of nocebo, a Fibro diagnosis and told to get on with it. Mandy walked through the doors as timid as a mouse, hardly able to walk without pain. We have a great 14 weeks together and slowly through education worked on how she was processing the various inputs of the world. Mandy quickly went from a shy pained woman, to a strong and formidable machine! From unable to pick up a shopping bag to flipping 120kg tyres like they were feathers. Mandy soon retuned back to work full time, joined a running club and has never looked back!