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Nicola – Hypermobility

Nicola is one of my new hypermobile intake clients and I’m super pleased at how well she is doing 😊
From someone who was almost afraid to move from pain, dizziness and constant fatigue, to someone who is now out running, cycling and learning to live her life again, I couldn’t be happier with her progress 💪🏻

Here is Nicola getting a little high impact work done, something which was impossible a few weeks ago


“I stumbled across Adam on the internet about 2 months ago & wondered whether he might be able help with somehow getting me more mobile & active. I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue & joint pains most of my 20’s & 30’s, the pain in my hips had got so bad that the most I could do was 15-20min walk without it kicking in, the thought of any other type of exercise went out of the window years ago. 5 weeks ago I started on Adams programme & he seemed convinced he could get me active again in around 8 weeks, I’ll be honest I didn’t believe this for a second but it was kind of my last shot as I had tried everything else you could imagine, so was willing to give it a shot.

Fast forward 5 weeks and I’m pretty lost for words to describe the transformation, in the space of just over a month he’s got me lifting my own body weight, throwing a tractor tyre & feeling strong enough to go running, but most of all the fear of exercise and what it might do to me has completely and utterly gone, I’ve got enough references in my brain now to know that I’m not going back to that scary place but instead I now know this is what my body needs and I’m actually starting to crave exercise & I can’t wait to see what else it’s capable of. I honestly think I will look back in years to come & see this as a life-changing moment, and all in just 5 weeks!”

People always get a little confused with these kinds of posts about exercise. There is no perfect way to exercise/move; movement is merely the catalyst for creating a pain free life. And, as Nicola has found out, if you slowly change how you process information, say movement causing pain, then you change whether or not you create it. 😊


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