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Rebecca’s Story

“A year ago, last October, I was experiencing pain across my body and unremitting fatigue. People at work would comment how awful I looked- I looked how I felt!!

As time went on it got more and more difficult to keep on going, especially without it affecting people around me. I felt so ill for so long, yet no cause could be found. Rather than feeling relieved, it was pretty devastating because I felt I was wasting everyone’s time and felt I had no control over what was happening to me.

To be honest I was finding it very difficult to carry on. One night I started to realise, I had been experiencing a number of symptoms over several years and wondered if they were linked ie. fatigue (which at times was pretty disabling) Parosmia, great clouds of brain fog, IBS, irritable bladder, palpitations, pain and excruciating spasms in my left cervical muscles, shoulder, hip and knee.

I was grateful to a Dr who along with finding I am hypermobile, suggested I have Fibromyalgia and that I had probably had it for most of my life.

I was often off school as a child, with recurrent infections and had many operations as a result culminating in a radical mastoidectomy a year after having meningitis.

At the age of 10 I experienced oculogyric crisis followed by many hours of left sided acute Dystonia after receiving an overdose of a medication- who knows if this has had a long term effect on my body? However, last year I lost my soul mate, my sister and this forced me headlong into confronting many issues we experienced from our childhood.

I arrived at Adams studio as what I can only describe as feeling like a shell of my former self, lost in my symptoms- basically I was just a body of pain. Adam got me started quickly, for which I was grateful. He was and has always been honest with me, for which I am very grateful. The programme helped me to think about how I was presenting myself to the world and the different factors that played into how I experienced things and why I produced pain.

One to one work was quite overwhelming as I am not used to attention being about me, being a cancer nurse I am used to attention being the other way round.

However this was important as I couldn’t remain invisible and he brought my sunnier side out from hiding and for that, I am truly grateful
Through movement as a catalyst and education, slowly rather than feeling like I had turned to stone, I gradually loosened up throughout the weeks started to feel human again, like my old self. After several years of not being able to play fight with my daughter – I am now able to and it’s been great to let the fun flood back in to our relationship.

Adam is an exceptional person- I can see how much he cares about his work and the people he works with. Thank you for your patience, your hard work and perseverance Adam”