Sandra – Fibromyalgia

“My body feels under attack, my knees are agony and my legs are giving way, I am now unable to do little more than a gentle walk. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
I want my life back Adam”

70yr old Sandra was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago, but here in the studio we don’t do Fibromyalgia, we know Fibro doesn’t cause pain because it’s a just a word! A word to describe a set of common symptoms. That doesn’t invalidate people pain, it just means it’s a label not a disease.

In the studio, we appreciate brains create pain for protection reasons and that’s what we focus on.
Since Sandra rejected the label and focused on why her brain protects her with pain, she’s gone from being debilitated by pain, to flipping 120kg tyres and getting her life back!… 6weeks!

I actually watched a young 20 something man struggle to deadlift 140kg in the gym this morning and here is Sandra throwing Geoffrey about like a pretzel 😂 I love my job just as much as the people I work with 💪🏻