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Sandra – Newcastle – Fibromyalgia


“Well that’s my 1 to 1 sessions over, can’t believe how quickly the last 9 weeks have gone past. It was nowhere near as hard or painful as i thought it was going to be and have loved every second even the days that were tough. 5 year i was out of work, on and off crutches, doped up on all sorts thinking that it was all just going to continue getting worse and now I’m off all medication, no crutches or aids and now im looking forward to getting back to college as well as work. Can’t believe i stalked your page for 2 year before biting the bullet, putting off until i was in a better place or life was a little easier but life just doesn’t work like that! So anyone that is just thinking about signing up waiting for whatever reason, just do it coz there will always be reasons not to do it thats just the way life is!!Really cant thank you enough for giving me my life back Adam”


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