Sarah – Fibromyalgia

I awoke to an awesome message this morning

Sarah “A year today I first came to the studio! Thank you so much Adam. I was in so much pain all the way there, walking with a wedge in my shoe and sitting on a wedge on one side believing this was how life would be forever. Little did I know that I would be putting them both in the bin when I saw you the next day. I have my life back now, and it is one without fibromyalgia ❤”

It’s been whole year since Sarah first came to visit me in Newcastle. Sarah’s recovery has been amazing! From the early days of her program where I would have to get her to stop taking ownership of Fibromyalgia lol, after she would always say “My Fibro” to almost a year of being recovered, she’s now back to living her life without chronic pain, and she’s also set up a business….which is no easy task!
I’m so proud of you Sarah, you absolutely smashed it!

As I step further back from “The Fibro Guy” with new studios opening up around the country, this is going to be one of the things I’m really going to miss.



Sarah: “So when I went to see Adam my doctor had told me I should consider giving up work as my fibromyalgia flare ups were getting worse and I was working part time because full time was to tiring. Meeting Adam was so scary!! Not him hehe but just the fact I thought he really might not be able to help me. How wrong I was. 😍. 1 year on and after religiously following the plan he gave me daily to retrain my brain ( which was a challenge) I ditched my stick, and day job and actually set my own business up doing what I love my way. I am happy, I smile often, and can even run again. If you are questioning seeing him or one of the lovely team just do it!! Dont waste anymore of your life in pain and fatigued. . .we only get one. I can never thank you enough as I never suffer anymore. Thank you.”

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