Fibromyalgia specialist: Jonny’s search

In 2015, Jonny set out to find a fibromyalgia specialist as his pain had hit an all-time high. Jonny had initially experienced pain in his wrists, which then spread to his hands.

At the time Jonny was working a retail job, as a result of this, he needed his hands. This meant that while studying computing and gaming alongside his job, his hands kept seizing up.

As is often the case, the pain started to spread, and he soon found himself struggling to get up the stairs at home.

Over time, other painful symptoms presented. As a result, when he walked, pain in his heels forced him to soon stop and after a few weeks of this, Jonny was forced to give up hiking, something he was very passionate about.

Feeling defeated from pain, Jonny was finally sent to a fibromyalgia specialist. After receiving his test results, Jonny was told that there was nothing else that could be done for him. Jonny was told he should learn to listen to his body and try and manage his pain.

Soon after his diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Jonny’s pain began to spread into his back, making his passion for computer games almost impossible to enjoy.

It was after the pain had taken away all the things that he was most passionate about, that he refused to let this be his life, and after much searching online for a Fibromyalgia specialist, he undertook the mammoth task of seeing everyone that would see him. Unfortunately every treatment he tried failed, and he grew more and more depressed.

One day while doing his daily search for treatments, he saw that “The Fibro Guy” were doing walk-in appointments in Edinburgh.

Over the next few short months, Jonny worked with our Founder Adam and made a full recovery from Fibromyalgia.

In 2019, after demonstrating a passion for the programme that helped him recover, and a passion for helping others, Jonny trained to become a Fibro Guy.

At the end of 2019, Jonny opened his own studio in Edinburgh.

Jonny has proven to be an incredibly valuable member of the team and has helped facilitate some of the most difficult recoveries to date.

You can see some of Jonny’s clients success stories and more about him here.

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