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1:1 Training Programme


The 1:1 programme is the option that will get you the absolutely best results possible. This option allows you two work closely with a Fibro Guy qualified practitioner, using the full programme frame work, and allowing the practitioner to create a tailored programme for you, facilitating your recovery quicker..

1:1 Workshop & Remote Programme


The individual workshop consist of 3 parts and are held over two days at any of the studios. Whilst we prefer to work 1:1  using the full framework, we can appreciate that distance may impact your ability to get to a studio twice per week for consecutive weeks. Because of this we offer the 1:1 workshop.

1:1 International Programme


As well as clients from the UK, we regularly have clients fly in from abroad to partake in 1:1 individual programmes.

We have seen clients travel from Turkey, the USA, Spain, Ireland, Amsterdam, and practitioner Hedda originally flew in from Norway for her treatment.

Online Training Courses


If travelling to a studio proves impossible, then there is an online only option. The online courses, whilst not the frame work practitioners use, is going to be the next bet option (other than a workshop) to my 1:1 programme. To use “The Fibro Guy” frame work it needs to be conducted 1:1 with a practitioner.

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Happy Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

 Im sleeping better, exercising and recovering within the normal range and no longer carrying the weight of pain, fatigue or the FIBROMYALGIA label on my shoulders. I am planning to resume a career and make good the promises of camping trips and climbing with my kids And whilst my journey to recovery with Adam might be at an end, I sincerely hope to be able to share my new journey with Adam over a pint in the future!”
"I’m now PAIN FREE, I take 0 medication now, I have energy, I am back to work, I walk where ever I like, for as long as I like, and I have a totally different future ahead of me now. With Adams help, I got my life back and have avoided the terrible pain filled future I had ahead of me. This was in no way an easy task, there was lots of information to take in, and lots to work through, but I worked consistently, I was committed, it gave it everything I had, and I earned my recovery just like Adam said I would….. Adam is my hero!”


No sympathy was offered, just straightforward, no bull advice and help. I have followed the program to the letter and from the first week I saw a huge improvement in my health both physically and mentally, I was amazed at the change as was my family, friends and colleagues. The result is simple….. I have my life back, a life I had previously accepted I would never get back. This is not a gift that anyone can give easily but Adam won’t take the credit for it, he just tells me it’s just me. That’s Bull Adam!! Adam, from the bottom of my heart thank you for giving me the greatest gift anyone can, I will always be in you debt, you awesome dude!”


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