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Although there is no way to replicate my 1:1 programmes for a video programme, I have, however, been able to create an in-depth, movement-based and educational video guide. This will allow people to create a strong foundation and eliminate a lot/all of their pain. This programme has allowed me to do what I originally wanted to do with the graded exercise DVD, which is to focus more on the poor movement patterns of those in chronic pain and introduce a huge educational element, dispelling many of the myths of posture and misalignment that stop people recovering. The online programme consists of pre-recorded instructional videos sessions which you follow twice a week, pain education and access to myself for as long as you need it on the course. Before starting the programme you will complete two weeks of foundation exercises, wherein you will learn how to pin and press, learn about pain and learn how to create descending inhibition. My aims for you whilst on the course are to achieve the following:

My aims for you whilst on the course are to achieve the following:

  1. Create an insight and understanding into how pain is made and more importantly….why!
  2. Disregard and overcome subconscious fears of movement.
  3. Learn how to, and regularly, create a descending inhibition response for pain (start to turn down the pain response).
  4. Become comfortable with movement and start to return to activities you once enjoyed.
  5. Finish the course in less pain and fatigue, being able to commit to dates without fear of flare-ups.
  6. Most of all, have fun and learn along the way!
  7. Understand that anything we do with our bodies is merely an input of information to the brain and that by changing how that information is procced,  allows us to get out of pain.

The online programme can be found here.





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