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The Fibromyalgia Graded Exercise Programme

The Fibromyalgia Graded Exercise Programme

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Fibromyalgia Action UK
Created for and in partnership with, Fibromyalgia UK, we have now produced the worlds first home-based graded exercise programme for those with fibromyalgia who wish to exercise safely, efficiently and without fear of a flare-up.

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*Please note, this is a graded exercise only. If you want results similar to those in the press and shared on the page, you need the Online and Movement education course*

Adam Foster, The Fibro Guy, has worked with those affected with chronic pain conditions for many years. His extensive experience and own research have allowed him opportunities to perfect his programmes to find and address the root causes of pain in individuals. Adam has worked with people affected by fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Ehlers-danlos syndrome and hypermobility with great success. In partnership with Fibromyalgia UK, Adam has now produced the worlds first home-based graded exercise programme for those with fibromyalgia who wish to exercise safely, efficiently and without fear of a flare-up. His approach is unique; rather than simply giving instructions, Adam uses personal training to take you through a graded exercise approach wherein you work towards completing each stage at your own pace using modified, low impact, fibro friendly exercises. Adam has specifically designed his programme to build you up slowly and safely.

How to use the DVD

The fibromyalgia graded exercise programme is designed to slowly and safely build your own individual tolerance to exercise, whilst reducing the risk of physical activity-induced flare-ups. The programme consists of three thirty minutes fibro friendly workouts: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The DVD is designed and laid out for safety reasons so that every individual, regardless of how physically active you are, to begin with, starts at Beginner Level 1 and works up to the intermediate and advanced workouts.

The workouts are graded into levels of different duration’s and intensity’s that start at just 5 minutes of exercise. This enables you to build up slowly; progressing through the levels allowing you to exercise for a full 30 minutes. This also prompts you to remember previous exercises thus improving memory function.

The programme is completely graded to ensure it is safe to use for the vast majority of Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME sufferers. Starting at Beginner level 1, you will be warming up and doing ‘Level 1’ which is 5 minutes of exercise. When you can complete Level 1 twice per week easily, you can advance onto Level 2. Level 2 is yet another 5 mins of exercise, meaning you will now be warming up, completing Level 1, followed by a short rest and then into another 5 mins of exercise that is level 2. As long as you follow the format of the DVD, you will gradually build your strength and endurance to exercise and it will be very unlikely you will have any exercise-induced flare-ups.

Once you can complete the last level of the Beginner option and exercise for a full 30 minutes, you can select the Intermediate option where the levels are still graded but are of slightly more intense exercise and duration. The same applies to the Advanced option.

If you already exercise regularly you may find that the Beginner option is too graded for you, feel free to start at the intermediate option. The intermediate option is graded into three levels which are 10 minutes in duration; you may need to grade them further by resting if you need to. Please ensure you start at Intermediate Level 1 only. Most of all though, enjoy and I wish you the best of luck.

18 reviews for The Fibromyalgia Graded Exercise Programme

  1. Lucy Bishop

    I was lucky enough to trial the DVD before general release to ensure it worked. I managed to build up to 30 mins of continuous exercise in around 4 weeks to my amazement!

  2. Camilla Robertson

    Having suffered dreadfully with fibromyalgia for years and had exercise most of my life. I was desperate for anything that may help to get me back exercising safely but did not know where to start. This certainly did! I was lucky enough to get mine this week and so far so good! No flare ups. Recommending 🙂

  3. Helen Burns

    I have had this DVD on pre order since I saw it on FMAUK’s website. I have always been very sceptical when it comes to exercise after a bad experience a few years ago but, I am very pleased with how graded the DVD is. I have ordered a copy for my daughter who also suffers from fibro.

  4. Paul Ballter

    I am really enjoying the lay out of the DVD so far.
    I am on beginner level 3 and every time you progress to a higher level you only get the exercise demonstration for that level. I am very slowly building up to the full 30 mins of exercise, I would defiantly recommend.

  5. Brie

    I have waited for so long for a Fibro friendly DVD and i love the fact its personal training.

  6. Shelia Denver

    Mine arrived yesterday 🙂 I got a little confused at the format but then noticed the instructions lol

  7. Megan Hogbin

    Easy to use, Friendly, defiantly recommenced.

  8. Christabella Anderson

    I’ve only had the DVD a couple of days now and I love it. The graded approach really suits me but my aim is to get to Level 2 – may take time but it’s definitely made to be achievable. Thank you so much.

  9. Sharon Bane

    Easy format to follow and really makes exercise less scary. Thanks for being so Fibro friendly 🙂

  10. Joan Brighton


  11. Paula Walls

    Works really well, I have been looking for something like this for years.

  12. Lauren Davenporty

    Really Big well done for making this, it is perfect. Thank you so much.

  13. Ingrid Mason

    I Dont have Fibro but I do have rheumatoid arthritis and this has really helped.

  14. Kevin Bratton-Saggs

    Absolute love it! I have been using this for nearly 3 months and I am almost at the last level, it has not been easy but, it has been worth it.

  15. Laura Calder

    Brilliantly guided. Adam is a very calm and encouraging character thought out this DVD and I love his non pushy style.

  16. June Wilson

    I had this dvd for about 3 month before i finally musterd the courage to try it, and IM so glad I did, I have missed exercising so much.

  17. Judith O’neil

    I found this DVD whilst looking for Fibromyalgia T shirts for my local support group. I ordered 2 copies one for myself and one for the groups library, everyone loves it.

  18. Timandra Williams

    I just bought this and after watching it to see what I was getting it I love and can’t wait to get started. – I have recommended to everyone on the fibro support UK site and there are a lot of enquiries. Your sales and fab DVD is now get a higher level promotion. YEY!

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