About Adam

Adam is the Founder of “The Fibro Guy”, who over many years, created the framework that all practitioners work from. Adam has developed programs for those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Hypermobility, Mobility problems, Migraines, and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes (CFS). Adam has worked with hundreds of individuals over the years with some fantastic success stories, and has been featured in the press many times with regards to getting his clients from dislocating hips in their sleep, to powerlifting, pain-free, and surfing in as little as 6 weeks. Adam is an Author, co-writing the book “No pain, No pain” with ex-client and success story DR Mairi Harper. Adam has also guess spoke and worked with many charities in the Uk, whilst also producing the documentary “The Invisible Monster” an upbeat documentary highlighting some success stories of people with chronic pain.

After being passed throughout the Adam knows first hand of the difficulties that those in chronic pain face, being a sufferer himself many years ago. In 2009 Adam was involved in an I.E.D blast whilst serving in Afghanistan In the Household cavalry regiment. Members of Adams troop received injuries but Adam escaped unharmed and returned to civilian life after his 2009 tour of duty. However, a few months into civilian life Adam became increasingly unwNHS specialists, it was deemed that the most likely causes of his pains were due to scar tissue. Adam would suffer from daily cluster and tension migraines, fatigue, chronic pain and lived with the constant fear that the slightest movement would injure his neck further and possibly leave him paralyzed. At Adams’s very lowest point, when he had exhausted every known resource and alternative therapy, tried every pill and potion, every gel, treatment, and counseling, he almost gave up. After finding that large amounts of Tramadol and expensive and frequent Chiropractic sessions were only masking the pain, he realized he had to do something about it. Realizing that the NHS was far too stretched and too tightly governed to be able to help him, he set out to educate himself on human anatomy, the science of pain, Biomechanics, Connective tissue, and Human movement, and anything he thought may help. And over the next year created his “Frame Work” giving him his life back and allowing him to follow his passion for helping others to do the same. Adam currently lives in Newcastle with his wife Seren and 7 cats, working to consult and to continue the continuing education of his practitioners. Adam still works with a hand full of clients on request.

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