Hedda Andersen

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    Newcastle, UK

About Hedda

Hedda had been sick from the age of 9, she battled with pain, dislocations, and subluxations daily, before finding out she had Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, whilst also being diagnosed with Cronic regional pain syndrome. Hedda had pain in her wrists, fingers, hips, shoulders, feet, and knees – you name it. She wore braces and splinters, used crutches or a wheelchair depending on her energy level and she tried everything the Norwegian healthcare system had to offer over the years, without any success. Hedda even spent 9 months on a drip in a hospital in Germany, after having to drop out of school and stop taking part in any social activities. Hedda flew over from Norway to work with Adam in early 2018.

After becoming pain-free and stopping her joints from dislocating, Hedda underwent her practitioner training, moved to the UK and joined the team in 2019. Hedda currently runs the Newcastle branch of “The Fibro Guy”

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