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Jess Gelders

Jess Gelders

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    Middlesbrough, UK

About Jess

As a young child, Jess was diagnosed with various things wrong with her knees and back. At the age of just 11, a specialist told her that she would have chronic back pain for the rest of my life, and in her late 20s, the fatigue really took a grip as she ended up spending at least 4 days a week in bed. Jess rarely left the house and almost never saw her friends. The pain felt like it was just about in every part of her body. When her husband would go to work he would leave her meals and flasks on the bedside table, because more often than not, she just couldn’t get up and down the stairs.

Jess saw every specialist going and tried every treatment….but she only got worse. And one night whilst searching for mobility aids she stumbled across the website by accident. 8 weeks later, Jess was fully recovered and became the lovely high energy and bubbly Jess that the team has grown to love.

After becoming pain-free and getting her energy back, Jess underwent her practitioner training and joined the team in 2019. Jess currently runs the Middlesbrough branch of “The Fibro Guy”

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