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Paul Allen

About Paul

After suffering chronic back and knee pain following a long career in the army, Paul soon made a full recovery at The Fibro Guy and returned to sport and family life. This ignited a passion for supporting others in similar positions that he had once been in himself. Whilst enjoying his new pain-free life, Paul became a qualified and registered Chiropractor and started working with those in pain.

Paul has seen the problems that those with chronic pain face in the current health care system and has also seen the limitations of many modalities, including chiropractic. Paul wanted to make a real difference and move from a framework that meant small, short-term impacts and long-term dependence, to one that made massive, life-changing differences in people’s lives and promoted self-sufficiency.

Paul believes so strongly in the framework we use at The Fibro Guy, that he chose to leave the Chiropractic profession behind to join the team full time in 2020, opening up a studio in Leeds.

Pauls’s particular area of interest is hypermobility syndromes, as our framework here at the Fibro Guy is the only one in the world that gets the best kind of results for our hypermobile clients.

Paul currently runs the Leeds branch of The Fibro Guy.

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