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Fibromyalgia Podcast

Fibromyalgia Podcast

Fibromyalgia PodcastWelcome to our Fibromyalgia Podcast:  The Fibro Guy’s Corner

Hosted by Adam and the rest of the team, this light-hearted Fibromyalgia podcast sees the practitioners kick back and discuss what they are truly passionate about: recovery and rehab.

Whilst focusing on all things regarding recovery and rehab for Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility, and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. You will alsonget a mixture of chronic pain education, amazing recovery stories, hypermobility rehab tips, and answers to the questions that pain sufferers have asked us via our social media platforms.

You will often hear us talk about BPS bubbles, catalysts, and other words of interest when talking about Fibromyalgia recovery or hypermobility rehab, and a podcast really gives us a chance to explain and expand on these topics.

Recent topics include:

  1. How trauma can increase your chances of developing a chronic pain disorder, and the steps we all need to begin healing.
  2. Whey treatments don’t work for you, but work for your friends, and how to change that using BPS bubbles.
  3. How social factors like your job have more impact on your pain than you likely realise.
  4. The pitfalls of recovery and why most people stay in pain, despite giving 100% to their recovery effort.


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The Fibro Guys Corner is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, and Amazon Alexa.

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