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About The Fibro Guy

About Adam - The Fibro Guy

About The Fibro Guy

Why our clients get results when nothing else has worked

We help those with chronic pain regain the pain-free lives they thought they’d lost.

A pretty bold claim, right?

You’ve probably heard this sort of thing before:

  • ‘Use this pain-relieving magic cream!’
  • ‘Follow our super special graded exercise programme!’
  • ‘Try yoga!’
  • ‘Follow this 5-step guide to stop pain for good!’

You’ve likely tried all you think is out there and are feeling really, really annoyed. Probably even more frustrating is that your best friend Jill or Uncle Davey has had the same treatment but it seems to work for them!

Well, it’s because of this very reason that The Fibro Guy even exists: because our founder Adam had the exact same problem.

Adam had an intimate relationship with pain for a very long time after he developed chronic pain and migraines following an IED blast in 2009 whilst serving in Afghanistan. After exhausting all of the resources that the NHS had offered and finding no reduction in his symptoms, Adam turned to alternative treatment options and was equally disappointed in the lack of results.

Adam was eventually told to just accept that this was what his life would look like now.

Throughout all of the treatments that Adam tried, there was one thing he just couldn’t wrap his head around: Why could they work for other people, but not him?

Adam formed a theory as to why this happened and soon began to find the research to support it.

Adam understood that treatments, whether or not they actually help the person, are solely information into the nervous system and that it was the Neurobiological responses “between” the information into the nervous system and what the brain did with it that truly mattered.

Finding that these treatments were only a catalyst for recovery and would only work if specific individual biological, psychological, and social factors worked to favour the treatment, Adam set about creating the first iteration of his framework.

Rather than focusing on what information went into the nervous system, Adam created the first-ever framework to address the Neurobiological response, effectively manipulating what outcome he would get…in this case pain relief!

In later years, as more and more people regained a life without pain using his framework, Adam began to train up former clients who had used the framework to recover and new studios began to open up across the country.

In the decade since The Fibro Guy was started it :

  • Has guided hundreds of full recoveries from conditions such as Fibromyalgia
  • Has been expanded on to stop joint dislocations and subluxations in those with hypermobility
  • Has created jobs for those who used the framework to recover, to teach it to those in pain
  • Has helped those, like Adam, who were cast aside and told there was nothing more that could be done.


This isn’t a miracle pill or programme, this isn’t easy – it is hard work. But it’ll be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

With our framework, we teach you how to understand why things work for your friends but not for you, and how to change the variables behind why this happens, ensuring you get the pain free life you deserve. 

Oh and the best bit?

We foster independence and self-sufficiency, meaning we want all of our clients living their best life, pain-free, and knowing how to stay that way!

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