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The Fibro Guy is dedicated to helping individuals who are currently navigating the challenges of chronic pain and hypermobility syndromes. Founded by Adam Foster, our ethos is rooted in providing evidence-based guidance and support.

We recognise each person’s experience with pain and hypermobility is distinct. Using a research-backed biopsychosocial approach (1,2,3,4), we integrate pain education, therapies like counselling and CBT, and personalised movement and proprioceptive exercises

“Helping to support our clients, who are aiming to get back to doing the things they love the most, has been one of our main missions over the years”

Adam Foster - Founder

Supporting one client at a time

"At The Fibro Guy, I found more than just support; I discovered a tailored approach that truly understood the complexities of my condition. Their evidence-based strategies and genuine empathy have been invaluable on my journey with chronic pain and hypermobility"
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