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Hypermobility Rehab

For those of you on your own hypermobility rehabilitation journeys, we created this page to help you understand and navigate the complexities that go into rehab. Contained within this hypermobility rehab resource page, you will find hypermobility exercises, stretches, and actionable steps. and information on all things hypermobility.  

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Our journey has been remarkable, spanning years of dedicated service. We’ve had the privilege of assisting a diverse group of clients globally, both face-to-face and through online platforms. This includes individuals managing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder.

Our work with the Hypermobile community has gained media attention, being featured in both local and national newspapers, whilst being also broadcast on television, including ITV news. With all that being said, we actually first started working with hypermobility by complete accident! 

Whilst working with clients with fibromyalgia, we started to notice that around 50%-60%  of those clients were actually on the Hypermobility spectrum, and as a result, we had to change certain parts of how we work and look at the research behind hypermobility.

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Free Hypermobility Resources

Welcome to our hypermobility resources area, where you can find information, tools, and resources to help you manage and cope with hypermobility and related conditions. We understand that living with hypermobility can be challenging and overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this resources area to provide you with access to a wealth of information and support. 

Hypermobility and Exercise

Tired of the ‘just build muscle’ mantra in your hypermobility rehab? ‘Hypermobility and Exercise: Part 1’ reveals why this approach often misses the mark. Uncover the truth about muscle building and proprioceptive exercises that fail to address the core issues. Learn about the critical roles of the motor system and cortical maps in achieving true joint stability. This blog offers a groundbreaking perspective on exercise for hypermobility, guiding you towards effective strategies that really work.

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Zone Moving​

We see lots of things to do with hypermobility rehab on the internet, and time and time again, mechanics, posture, and tissue, all get more praise than they warrant. So, here is a little video on a basic principle you probably didn’t realise, and likely no one has ever mentioned to you.
Why Simple Tasks Dislocate Joints

Zone moving is important to ensure that joints or automatically stabilised.

How Dragging Joints Lead To Problems

Excesses in leverage and load make joint stability harder.

Stacking Your Joints Not Work?

You're not alone, there is a reason why it doesn't work.

The Comprehensive Guide to Sleep

Tackling hypermobility challenges doesn’t end when the sun goes down. In fact, that’s when a fresh journey begins. Our article, Sleep and Hypermobility, sheds light on why sleep is vital, the distinct sleep complications for those with hypermobility and EDS, and tailored strategies to better your sleep routine. Explore sleep positions,  how to set up a conducive sleep environment, and understand how sleep deprivation amplifies pain. Uncover a world of actionable insights aimed at enhancing your sleep quality amidst hypermobility challenges.

Hypermobility and Nutrition

Whether you’re new to the EDS community, a long-time warrior, or a loved one seeking to understand and support in the areas of hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome diets, this section is for you.

We’ll explore the role of nutrition in EDS and hypermobility management, address common nutritional deficiencies, and provide practical diet recommendations and strategies.

To help us on this mamoth task, we ask dietician Katie Mednik to share her expertise and fact check this article.

Hypermobilty Videos