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Hypermobility Course

Immerse yourself in a transformative 24-week online journey meticulously designed for those navigating the complexities of hypermobility. Our course goes beyond the basics, delving into the neurology behind hypermobility, offering an in-depth exploration of pain science education, cortical mapping, proprioception, and motor control.

With bi-weekly exercise video sessions, we guide you through tailored exercises that not only foster joint stability but also enhance your understanding of your body’s neural map. Employing tactile cues and sensory input, we aim for a deeper connection and awareness of your body, crucial for effective motor learning and control.

Learn the art of self-support through practical skills such as applying KT Tape for joint care, alongside discovering optimal sleeping positions tailored to your unique flexibility needs. As the course progresses, we challenge you to harness your potential with advanced gym training techniques, empowering you to leverage the full spectrum of commercial gym resources confidently.

Our curriculum debunks prevailing myths and offers a wealth of knowledge on the neurological underpinnings of hypermobility, including comprehensive insights into cortical maps and motor control. This approach ensures a solid grasp of hypermobility management, allowing you to embrace a life of improved well-being and body confidence with an enhanced biopsychosocial model geared towards pain science education.

Join us to redefine your limits and take control of your hypermobility with expertise, assurance, and a deeper understanding of the neurological aspects that impact your condition.