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We help those who have been deemed unhelpable!


The Fibro Guy was created by Adam Foster many years ago. Adam was told that there was no more help left for him, after trying just about everything to get out of chronic pain. Refusing to learn to live with his pain, Adam decided to try and understand why so many treatments seemed to work only for certain people and not for others. After finding the evidence that the actual treatment was not an important part of recovery, but rather the numerous mediating factors that come with an individual, Adam built his framework around addressing these mediating factors. Working this way has allowed Adam to create a framework that worked were conventional treatments failed. This is why we have the highest success rate for chronic pain recovery.

Having seen hundreds of clients from all over the world who were told the exact same thing as Adam, that they were unhelpable, The Fibro Guy serves one singular purpose: to help those who have been told that they are unhelpable.

Our framework gets results that no one else can. I know, that’s a pretty bold statement, but there is no one else who can get recoveries from chronic pain as fast as our Fibro Guy practitioners, let alone have it be life long. Our EDS and Hypermobility programmes are the only ones in the world that can stabilise joints and stop dislocations to such a degree, that our clients can turn to extreme sports after spending years in bed with multiple daily joint dislocations. Our very own Practitioner Hedda is testament to this. Click the picture  below to read about her incredible journey from being mainly bed-bound, to now running the Newcastle Fibro Guy studio and living pain-free!

We often hear people say “I am in pain, but I’m not sure if I’m in enough pain to come and see you guys”

It’s really important to remember, that if you are in pain and it affects your life, then you are bad enough. No one should have to live in pain.


Watch Courtney's Incredible Recovery After Brain Surgery


All of “The Fibro Guy” practitioners have been through rigorous training with Adam to ensure that they are up to his high standards. In fact, all practitioners were once former clients of Adam’s. You can feel safe in the knowledge that you have someone working with you, who knows exactly how it feels to be in pain and more importantly, can guide you through your recovery as they have done it themselves.

Unlimited Support

All programmes come with unlimited support from your practitioner, for as long as you need it. This means that you can contact your practitioner as much as you need, for whatever support it is that you need. Your practitioner is on hand for any and all problems that you may encounter, ready to provide you with the steps to over come them.

No top up treatments

At “The Fibro Guy” self-sufficiency is paramount. That’s why when we focus on working with you, we are giving you the tools to go off out into the world and stay recovered after you finish with us. That means you don’t need to come back in 6 months for a “top-up”. Your practitioner wants you recovered for good.

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