Client Stories

We are proud to have supported numerous clients with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility over the years, helping them towards improving their health. Below is a selection of some of our clients who have made progress through our programmes.

Please note: The testimonials on this website represent the opinions, experiences and views of our clients, and individual results may vary. Whilst we have considerable experience working with people with chronic pain and hypermobility syndromes, we can never guarantee nor intend to, that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Client stories are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as medical advice or a guarantee. The testimonials have been provided, voluntarily, without compensation or incentive, provided by our clients who wished to share their experiences. All views and opinions are their own.

Debs: 3 years after her programme

After receiving a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from a leading UK-based rheumatologist, Debs, a 51-year-old woman, had experienced almost a decade of chronic pain and debilitating fatigue. Her mobility had gradually decreased to the point where she relied on a crutch to get around, and her social life had become non-existent. 

Debs decided she had to do something to address the pain and improve her quality of life. She eventually found us and reached out for our help to support her on her journey.

Debs’ story is one of our favourite client stories, as we watched her begin to be able to play with her grandchildren again and even open her own business, which she still runs today. We even had the chance to catch up with Debs three years later, and she shared with us just how much her life had changed since working with us. Her story was even featured in a local newspaper.

Lousie's Fibromyalgia Rehab Story

Louise’s journey towards better health has been an inspiring one. Its been an absolute pleasure to work with her and we have enjoyed every session. When we first met Louise, she had been struggling with chronic pain for over 10 years, and it had started to really take a significant toll on her life, even spending two years in bed. Having actually moved from Ireland just to come and work with us, it makes us so happy to see her being able to enjoy her simple pleasures again, like taking her dogs for a walk and spending time with her family.


Our Client's Stories

A man with a black hat and a beard smiling, with a young woman with a grey bobble hat smiling.

Jess’s Story

We love the fact that we literally get to work with people all around the world, and the only thing that beats that is when

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Angela: When I first met with Johnny and Adam, I struggled with mobility issues due to my Elhers-Danlos syndrome and other health complications. I was

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A young woman with blonde hair smiling

Courtney’s Story

An MRI scan revealed an awkward fall in December 2016 triggered a brain condition called Chiari malformation in young Courtney: a condition in which brain

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A will curly blonde hair smiling at the camera

Lauren’s Story

It’s been 5 years since Lauren first hobbled into the studio on crutches and in lots of pain, and what a journey she has had

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Hypermobility rehab

Eilidh’s Story

  Eilidh: Last year at this time, I was in a very dark place. My body had completely given up on me – I couldn’t

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Elsyia’s Story

This is what gets us out of bed on a morning! Seeing smiles like this as people work towards goals. We first met Elysia as

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A man with a black hat smiles, with two women in the background, one with a pink top, the other with a blue top.

Lisa’s Story In 2014, Lisa suffered a blow to her head in a freak accident that led to the gradual spread of pain from her head

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A girl and a horse

Vaila’s Story

When Vaila’s issues with EDS and hypermobility started to get worse, she had to stop all sport including the one thing she loved most of

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A woman smiling

Jane’s Story

Jane: “When I found out about Adam and The Fibro Guy I had been struggling with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome for 23 years. It had started

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“Looking back, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I went from struggling to take a few steps to now consistently walking over 15,000

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A girl in a hospital bed

Hedda’s Story

Hedda: “ I was sick from the age of 9, battling with pain, dislocations and subluxations on a daily basis. I had pain in my wrists,

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Steven Smiling

Steve’s Story

We had the pleasure of working with Steven from Thailand as one of our very first 1:1 online clients. Despite being almost 6,000 miles apart,

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Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca:“A year ago, last October, I was experiencing pain across my body and unremitting fatigue. People at work would comment how awful I looked- I

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Nicola’s Story

Nicola:  “I can’t remember when I started suffering with headaches and fatigue but it’s definitely been most of my adult life. I was backwards and

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A woman with her two children

Rach’s Story

Rach underwent surgery for a condition known as Chari malformation around 3 years ago. Shortly afterwards she started to experience left arm pain that eventually spread to

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A bald man

Jane’s Story

Jane- “1997 – The year I started my relationship with chronic pain. 2019 – The year it stopped” “I came across “The Fibro Guy” in

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A woman with long hair talking to the camera

Talin’s Story

“When I stumbled upon The Fibro Guy, I was really skeptical at first. But something about it resonated with me, and after talking to the

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A woman and a man smiling

Aysun’s Story

Aysun: “At the age of 23 I injured my back and it affected my life very seriously. I couldn’t carry anything, lift anything and I

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Julie’s Story

Julie: “At the age of 40, I was thrown off my horse and fell 10 feet in the air. Despite having excruciating pain in my

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Julie Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Julia’s Story

Julia: It actually took quite a long time before I figured out I was hypermobile. Things started to go downhill more seriously when I was

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A woman and a man pulling silly faces towards the camera

Helen’s Story

Helen-“I have had arthritis since I was two but it was manageable until I turned 30. Following a flare-up on a holiday, I struggled to

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Laura’s Story

Laura: “Before I met Adam I was lost. At 23 years old being told that I should consider a career change because I had a

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Danielle’s Story

Danny- “For over 2 years I had constant pain in my left knee, along with daily subluxations due to my hyper mobility (partial Dislocations). I

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Dianne’s Story

After struggling on crutches/wheelchairs and mobility scooters for almost 5 years (scooters were fun, I have no spatial awareness and many toes were run over)

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