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1:1 Programme

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Our 1:1 Programme

Navigating the challenges of chronic pain and hypermobility syndromes requires understanding, support, and a tailored approach. The Fibro Guy’s 1:1 programme is designed with this in mind, offering a blend of evidence-based techniques and compassionate guidance.

Our programme integrates:

  • Movement Strategies: Personalised exercises to address individual needs.
  • Education: Providing insights into the nature of chronic pain and hypermobility.
  • Neuro Exercises: Focusing on mapping, proprioception, and strength building to enhance body awareness and joint stability.
  • Talking Therapies: Including counselling and CBT to address the psychological aspects of pain.

On programme you will dive into the biological, psychological, and social factors influencing well-being. Whether you choose sessions at our Edinburgh studio or opt for online sessions via Zoom, our commitment is to offer consistent support.

Additionally, our online resource, the “Deload Course”, serves as a supplementary tool, helping reinforce the principles you’ve learned with us.

At The Fibro Guy, we aim to provide a supportive environment where individuals can explore and understand their conditions, informed by current research and understanding.

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