Mobility Coaching Programme

One of our favourite areas within the scope of rehab has always been mobility coaching. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many individuals, all with unique reasons behind their mobility struggles. From those using walking sticks because of hip pain to those with connective tissue disorders, our mobility coaching programme has been used by diverse range of individuals to work towards their mobility goals. 

A woman wearing a grey track suit on her mobility programme

Working With A Mobility Coach

Our Mobility Coaching programme, is our service that combines mechanical movement principles with proprioceptive input and exercise. At The Fibro Guy, we have seen the tremendous impact that mobility can have our clients overall health and wellbeing, which is why we have dedicated our efforts towards helping people improve their mobility.

Our mobility programme is built on two important pillars:

First, we work with our clients to identify and work on any mechanical issues that may be contributing to their mobility challenges. This can include joint loading positions, muscle weakness, etc . We work with a range of techniques and exercises to help our clients work on these issues, and we tailor our approach to each client.

Secondly, we incorporate neurological components into our mobility coaching programme. Drawing from our work with clients with hypermobility, we use techniques like mapping and proprioception exercises, along with motor output coding movements to help our clients work towards improving their motor control and movement patterns. Working with this approach has also been reported and received well by our clients who have hypermobility syndromes.

Our mobility coaching programme is led by experienced movement practitioners, who have a deep understanding of the complex factors that can impact mobility. We work with clients both in person and online, so location is not a barrier to accessing our services. Our programmes are tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, and as with all or programmes they come with no time limits.

Mobility coaching is an essential part of any rehabilitation program, as it can help to improve physical function, reduce pain, and enhance the overall quality of life. 

If you’re struggling with mobility issues, we invite you to explore our mobility coaching programme.

Courtney's Mobility Programme

Courtney’s journey through our mobility coaching programme remains one of the most inspiring and heartwarming stories we have ever encountered. Following a debilitating brain surgery that left her unable to walk and with severe weakness, Courtney turned to our mobility programme for support.

After undergoing months of specialist physiotherapy, Courtney’s condition continued to deteriorate until she joined our mobility coaching programme. Working closely with her mobility coach Adam, Courtney was eventually able to regain her mobility, ditch her wheelchair, and re-learn how to walk. Not only did she regain her mobility, but Courtney also reached incredible milestones along the way, such as learning to drive, attending university, and even competing in national cheerleading competitions. Her story even caught the attention of the press, and you can read her article here.

You can also watch the full documentary of Courtney’s mobility journey here.


Angela's Mobility Programme

Angela had been struggling with mobility issues for years, a result of joint subluxations caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. She was relying on crutches and had lost faith in her body’s ability to move around.

Angela reached out to us for support with her mobility, and in just three weeks, she no longer needed her crutches.

But the real triumph was yet to come. With her newfound mobility, Angela was finally able to pursue her lifelong passion for horse riding, something that had previously been out of reach.

Angela’s story is just another reason why we love working in the field of mobility and why providing our mobility coaching is a life long passion of ours. 

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