Mobility Coaching Programme

One of our favourite areas within the scope of rehab has always been mobility coaching. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals, all with various reasons behind their mobility issues. From those using walking sticks because of hip pain to those with connective tissue disorders, our mobility coaching programme has been used by a myriad of individuals.

A woman wearing a grey track suit on her mobility programme

Working With A Mobility Coach

Our mobility framework was first designed for our clients with connective tissue disorders, wherein Neuro-exercises are the fundamental driving force to create a comprehensive exercise programme. We soon found that our unique framework was incredibly transferable to the general population, and after a small amount of research and testing, our unique mobility coaching was born. In the subsequent years since its invention, we have worked with more and more people to help them to restore their mobility, dealing with often, incredibly complex cases.

Courtney's Mobility Programme

Courtney’s mobility coaching story remains one of our favourites to date, as it was such a pleasure to work with her and guide her on such a complex journey. In December 2016, an awkward fall triggered a brain condition in young Courtney called Chiari malformation. Chiari malformation is a condition in which brain tissue pushes into the spinal canal, causing acute pain and long-term neurological problems.

After a surgical procedure, she was left unable to walk and with severe weakness following the brain surgery. The operation also left Courtney with no feeling in her feet, barely able to move them.

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As her mobility deteriorated she made the transition to a wheelchair, whilst also living in the family’s dining room as she was unable to get upstairs.

Eventually, her condition became so bad that she was unable to even bear her own weight, despite undergoing months of specialist physiotherapy.

It was long before Courtney came through our doors and started on her programme, working with her mobility coach Adam. As you can see from her video, Courtney soon ditched her wheelchair, stabilised her joints, and re-learned how to walk. She even went on to learn to drive, go off to university, and even competed in national cheerleading competitions. Courtney’s amazing jumps in mobility even gained the attention of the press, and you can read her article here

Courtney’s mobility full recovery documentary can also be found here.

Angela's Mobility Programme

Angela’s mobility had suffered for year,s from the various joint subluxations caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Angela had lost all mobility and was using crutches when we first met her. She felt she had lost faith in her body’s ability to move her around from A – B.

After only three weeks, Angela no longer needed her crutches, her joints were stable, she was load-bearing, and walking no longer hurt her.

The best part results from Angela’s Mobility programme though, is that she was able to go horse riding, something she had always wanted to try!

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