Individual Programme


For me, the option that will get you the absolute best results (similar to those featured on the ‘Success Story’ page and those seen in the press) is the 1:1 programme in Newcastle. This means you’ll see me in the studio for two sessions per week, for 45mins to an hour at a time and follow my ” The Fibro Guy method” programme. The programme its self is of a generic framework that I created many years ago and is adapted to the individual, dependent on different factors and how I feel is the best way to proceed. There is a considerable educational element to the programme, along with physical activity, but don’t let that scare you, the movement is just our catalyst for recovery, not the actual recovery tool. I am not a huge fan of manual therapy,  as I find it negatively encourages people to rely on someone else to provide temporary pain relief and an abundance of research shows that people who actively participate in their own treatment, have much better outcomes.

Most people can complete the programme in 8 – 10 weeks, with many going from relying on crutches, being in constant pain and fatigue, to returning to back to work and making full recoveries!  If you feel you would like to continue sessions after 8 weeks that is fine. However, the aim is to get you into the studio, educate you, show you how you ended up in chronic pain, how we worked together to get you out of it and for you to go off and live your life, making up for the time you have already lost. I also provide what I call a De-Load course at the end of our time together. This is a further 10 weeks of online video sessions and education, just to help reiterate the things we have gone through together and gently transitions you to self-sufficiency. I do not do maintenance sessions or refreshers, by the time we finish, you won’t need them.

On top of all of this, you’ll get me 24/7 for any questions or concerns you might have and receive a message from my specialist masseuse as/when required to support your progress with me.



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