1:1 Programme

Courtney – Chiari malformation and Hypermobility

The 1:1 Programme

The 1:1 programme is the option that will get you the absolutely best results possible.

This option allows you two work closely with a Fibro Guy qualified practitioner, using the full programme frame work, and allowing the practitioner to create a tailored programme for you, facilitating your recovery quicker.

There is a considerable educational element to the programme, along with physical activity, but don’t let that scare you, the movement is just our catalyst for recovery, not the actual recovery tool.

You will need to attend your local studio twice per week, and you will be assigned home work.

Most people can complete the programme in 8–10 weeks, with many going from relying on crutches, being in constant pain and fatigue, to returning to back to work and making full recoveries!

If you feel you would like to continue sessions after 8 weeks that is fine. However, the aim is to get you into the studio, educate you, show you how you ended up in chronic pain, worked together to get you out of it, and for you to go off and live your life, making up for the time you have already lost.

Clients are also given a online “Deload course” at the end of their journey. This is a further 10 weeks of online video sessions and education, just to help reiterate the things we have gone through together and gently transitions you to self-sufficiency.

We not do maintenance sessions or refreshers, by the time we finish, you won’t need them. The aim is to get you sufficient, recovered and to stay that way.

On top of all of this, you get your practitioner  24/7  for any questions or concerns you might have whilst on the programme, and indeed for long after you have finished.

If for some reason you do need to return to the studio, then any session are free of charge! Your health is paramount to us, and if something should happen to affect your recovery, then we are on hand to get you back to feeling pain free.

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