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1:1 Programme

1:1 Programme

The 1:1 Programme

The 1:1 in-person program is the option that will get you the best results possible, as you will work closely with a Fibro Guy qualified practitioner, wherein you will utilise the full programme framework. Your practitioner will work closely with you over 2-3 sessions per week to get you the quickest recovery possible.

Our programmes are for recovery and do not have a time limit attached to them. If it takes you over 12 weeks to recover, then there is not any extra to pay, you have us until you get the results you wanted.

At the end of your programme, you will be placed on the online “De-Load” course. This allows you permanent access to our information resource pool, allowing you to learn the easy things you need to implement in order to keep the results you have achieved.

Should anything extreme happen to you later in life that may have the potential to impact your recovery, such as a car crash or the death of a loved one, then the “deload” course will help you get back on track quickly. If for any reason it doesn’t, simply return back to your local studio for a few weeks, free of charge, and our practitioners will quickly get you back to where you were.

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