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Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to run a few other roadshow workshops later this year and it next year. After requesting locations on the Facebook page, the locations, dates, time slots and further details of how to book can be found below. Each workshop slot will be 2hrs in duration and cover everything I would do with a regular workshop. Although condensed; you’ll be getting exactly the same including a follow-up regime to follow at home and unlimited remote support from me for as long as you need it, to get the results you desire! As well as this, instead of the usual £150 for workshops, these are only £100 as I’ll be traveling to you. Due to the travel element, all fees are non-refundable as that’ll be contributing towards travel costs, venue hire and accommodation. Booking needs to be done via email and it’ll need to include: – Full history (diagnosis, medications) – Pain levels – Detail any surgery – Detail current involvement (e.g. Physio) Remember that slots are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Get booking and see you soon.


Please note all spaces left, are as last updated at – 16:00hrs on the 20th of September.



Location-  Healthy life centre, 35 – 37 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AL

Saturday 7th of October- Fully Booked

Sunday 8th of October-3 spaces left



Location – To be confirmed

Saturday 4th of November- 1 space left

Sunday 5th of November- Fully Booked



Location- To be confirmed

Saturday 23rd of September- 1 space left

Sunday 24th of September-



Location-  Remedy Lounge Ltd, Milton Hall 3rd Floor, 244 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4BQ

Saturday 14th of October- Fully Booked

Sunday 15th of October-   Fully Booked



January 13th – 2 spaces left



January 6th – 4 spaces left



February 17th -2 spaces left



February 3rd –  3 spaces left

February 4th –  Fully Booked


To book a slot on the workshop please email


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